Have Trouble Building Muscle? The Reason Might be this Simple Fix

If you’re having trouble with your gains, the reason might be something you have never considered.

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While it may not make sense yet, new research has found a link between muscle decline and a certain biological process in the body.

Keep reading to find out the reason you may have trouble building muscle, how to fix it, and how to maintain those gains today!

So, What Exactly Did Research Find?

New research has found incredible importance in a substance produced by the gut microbiota.

This substance seems to support muscle, reduce inflammation, and support the overall wellbeing of the body!

It can even improve endurance, reduce muscle fatigue, and even slow down muscle loss later on in life as we age!

Here’s what it’s called and how to get it in your diet.

How does Gut Microbiome Relate to Muscle Development?

When you obtain polyphenol (a natural compound full of antioxidants) from your food (found particularly in beans, nuts, berries, and pomegranates) your gut microbiome produces urolithin A. 

In the past, urolithin A has been found to increase mitochondrial activity. 

Yup. It helps fuel the powerhouse of the cell.

This new study has found that individuals with high urolithin A have stronger mitochondria, more endurance, and less inflammation.

In other words, a healthy gut equals healthy muscles.

Research even found that high levels of urolithin A prevent fatigue and loss of muscle as we age.

Why Supporting the Muscles is so Important 

As you age, your body will naturally start to lose muscle.

Your mitochondrial activity decreases as well, leading to less stamina and endurance.

This can lead to serious injury later on in life. 

This study has found that with a healthy gut that produces urolithin A, you can slow down the loss of muscle, even supporting the body greatly with energy.

Let’s look at what the gut microbiome really is and how you can improve its overall health today.

What is the Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiota, or intestinal flora, is a community of microscopic organisms that live in the gastrointestinal tract.

This community, when we’ll balance, helps maintain overall wellbeing.

In healthy individuals, there are from 2 to 3 pounds of bacteria, many different species that all help us in many different ways.

What is the Purpose of the Gut Microbiome?

A healthy gut microbiota is essential to wellbeing and overall health.

It is responsible for maintaining and regulating the intestinal barrier. This means a healthy gut can help you digest food better. 

Gut microbiota will also help absorb nutrients like iron and calcium, produce energy for the body, make vitamins, and even participate in immune system activity. 

That’s right, about 80% of immune system cells are housed in the gut, and we all know the importance of a strong immune system when fighting off disease and infection.

A healthy gut microbiome strengthens the intestinal barrier by regulating the entry of molecules and organisms, removing bad bacteria and other harmful invaders.

Even more surprising, the gut microbiota is incredibly related to mental health and wellbeing, as about 50% of the dopamine and 95% of the serotonin we produce originates in the intestine. 

These are substances related to happiness and good moods, which reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What to Eat to Improve Gut Microbiome 

There are many things you can eat to improve your gut microbiota today! These are things that should be eaten daily to nurture and replenish gut health as many individuals nowadays do not have a healthy gut microbiome.

Foods you should eat include:

Prebiotics, which are fibrous foods that feed the good microbiota.

Probiotics: which are foods containing live culture to increase good bacteria (think live culture yogurt)

Resistant starch, which is a molecule that acts like a fiber, fueling gut microbiota.

 Fermented foods, prebiotic and probiotic simultaneously.

There are many other examples, so get a full list of food here.

The Takeaway

The gut microbiota is an important part of our everyday life, even if it’s 

1. Inside us so we never see it and

2. So small we couldn’t see it in the first place.

A healthy gut means increased energy, improved mood, decreased mental health issues, increased stamina, and decreased inflammation.

All of this is incredibly essential to the wellness of an individual.

Remember that healing and health start from within. A lot of problems have a root cause in nutrition.

If you give your body the right building blocks, you might be surprised at how strong you really are.

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