Do You Have Bad Posture? Here’s an Easy Overnight Fix – Reduce Back Pain Instantly

No matter what your favorite sleeping position is, learn how to fix bad posture, all while reducing back and shoulder pain.

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Back pain can be extremely challenging to deal with – source

Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, there are things you can do to fix and prevent bad posture and back pain.

What is Posture

Posture is the position your body is in when standing.

There is no perfect alignment of the spine and body, so don’t worry about getting it right, but there are bad posture positions that we should avoid.

What is Bad Posture and How Does it Become Permanent

Bad posture includes variations in which the spine is out of alignment, causing slouching or slumping poses.

While much back pain can come from lower back strain, bad posture puts strain on the upper back, bending it into a c shape, resulting in a hunchback position. This is the type of bad posture we troubleshoot today.

The way you hold up the body is a learned habit resulting from repeated habits. This is especially a risk for desk job workers, as the learned position in the day is usually curved over a computer. Luckily, posture can be adjusted and improved while we sleep.

Risks of Bad Posture

Incorrect posture can lead to muscle weakening, pain in the shoulder and back, and general discomfort. It can even lead to neck pain, joint pain, and injury during day-to-day movement or exercise.

How to Fix Bad Posture

You can learn new habits to fix bad habits that cause incorrect posture today.

The way you hold yourself up is supported by the muscles of the back, abdominal wall, and even shoulders, so doing workouts to strengthen these can help strengthen proper body alignment.

Stretching out the muscles in the spine and back can also help correct back posture, and there are various yoga moves and stretches that can help support the body.

But here is how to enforce good posture while you rest!

How to Correct Posture While Sleeping

Here are the ways to fix bad posture and prevent back pain while you sleep!

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you have to reduce the number of pillows you use, or the thickness of the pillows you use.

Having too many pillows or thick pillows under your head forces your spine into a bad position. Use only enough pillows to get a neutral, straight position.

Grab a pillow and see what your neck and head look like from the side. The neck should lengthen, and the forehead and chin should be about level.

Some people may even use no pillows at all, but this is not for everyone, especially if you have a hunchback pose.

If you further need support in the lower back, you can place a pillow below your knees to support them and align the back properly.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers should make the same consideration as back sleepers. You should not have a lot of very thick pillows tilting your head up. You want just enough support to allow the neck and head to be perfectly aligned with the spine.

If you have hip or pelvis pain, it may help to have a pillow between your knees. Also, try not to curve into a ball or fetal position while you sleep, as this will reinforce bad positions.

Stomach Sleepers

As with other positions, you do not want to stack up the pillows or use pillows that are too thick.

If you use a thick pillow or too many pillows, you might think you are correcting your slouching but this is not the case. You are going to be putting pressure on your lower back.

Use a pillow that makes your neck aligned with your spine.

A soft bed will also cause your lower back to sink down, further hurting the mid and lower back. This is why you can put a pillow under the pelvis and stomach to align the spine with the rest of the body.

A Tip to Learn Good Posture Habits 

Technology seems to have us looking down more often than not. You may use your phone, type on your laptop, or read a book in bed before going to sleep.

Remember not to enforce a curved spine posture when doing these activities. Sit up straight to help enforce a proper posture and take this habit into sleep.

The Takeaway

Posture is incredibly important.

Bad posture can lead to pain, discomfort, and injury so it’s important to fix it as soon as possible.

We can fix it by strengthening muscles and moving more, but more importantly, we can take these habits into sleep.

Whether you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, you can adjust pillows and perfect a neutral spine that will help fix bad posture and reduce back pain greatly.

By doing the techniques mentioned, stretching, and strengthening muscles, we can help correct issues, one day at a time!

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