The Best 10 Summer Goals for Living a Better Life

Small habits make us or break us. As the seasons change, it’s a great time to make positive adjustments as well. Summer goals are a great way to make notable, fun changes that help you live a better life. They give you something to look forward to and plan out.

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Keep reading to learn the top summer goals you can try out this coming season! Some are easy to do daily, while others may take a bit more planning. Either way, try them out, see which you like, and remember to have fun with them! 

Top 10 Best Summer Goals

Here are the best ten summer goals to try out this coming season. Summer is for light, fun, and positive change. The weather lends itself to more trips, longer days, and cool nights. Check out these summer quotes to inspire too while you’re here.

1. Go on a Road Trip

This summer, go on that road trip you’ve always wanted to go on! Take the time to plan out a fun trip with family or friends to a destination you’ve always wanted to go to. Check out the route you’re going to take, look at stops along the way, and really enjoy the open road. A road trip is all about the journey.

2. Try Hot Yoga

Here’s a summer goal that requires less planning! Make the most of the hot weather and try out hot yoga! Hot yoga is simply doing yoga in a hotter room, between 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Yoga improves flexibility, reduces stress, and increases bone strength, but hot yoga can do all of that while increasing heart health and burning more calories. Try out hot yoga, oven try out these top ten yoga poses sure to make your day magical!

3. Picnic it Up

Picnics are a time for food, friendship, and cloud gazing. This summer, make it a goal of yours to go on at least one picnic, making a day out of it. Dress up in summery, flowy attire, bring a blanket and some drinks, and get ready to fight off ants that want your food.

4. Become an SPF Pro

Here’s a goal that can be done from the comfort of your home! Make sunscreen a priority this summer. Take the time to invest in good quality sunscreens with newer UV filters, and remember to reapply every 2 hours if you’re out in the sun. Try out sunscreen sticks to make reapplication easier! While just using a sunscreen stick might not give you the full amount of SPF, they make reapplication easy and convenient on the go.

5. Swim a Mile

Swimming is a pretty summery activity, but make it more intense and fun by making it part of your fitness goals. Try to train up to swimming a mile as a summer goal. This gives you a new form of physical activity to try out and has many benefits. Swimming is good for cardiovascular health and is an amazing low-impact option for people with tighter joints.

6. Grow a Snack

Summer is a good time to start growing something. Make it an intention to grow something you can later eat! It can be something as simple as some herbs that you’ll use to spice up your food or even something a bit more complex like tomato or cucumber. Quick tip, Basil is a super easy to grow herb that adds a lot of flavor to your food.

7. Run a 5k

In the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to be physical as the weather is hot and welcoming. This summer, try to train for a run, even something as short as a 5k. Make it more fun by doing a themed 5k, such as the color run. In this, you wear white and get doused with colorful pigment, making it a really fun way to run and have fun with others.

8. Plan a Beach Day

Nothing screams summer like sand castles, sea, and tanning. Make plans this summer to have a beach day with friends or family! Do all the stereotypical things you do at the beach like building sand castles, burying yourself in the sand, and eating watermelon. Make sure you’re reapplying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing!

9. Fireworks

Fireworks are objectively brilliant to watch. They’re bright, eye-catching, and go well with BBQ, another fun summer activity. Make it your aim to enjoy fireworks at least once this summer. Get them yourself or go somewhere for an event to enjoy a night show you won’t soon forget.

10. Strawberry Picking O Clock

Strawberry picking is not only a lovely way to romanticize your life, but it’s also a summer goal and a half! Plan a strawberry-picking day with people you love! Best of all, it usually requires road-tripping it up and exploring a new area. Plus, strawberries are refreshing, healthy, and an awesome snack to cool off.

Bonus tip: Start That Nighttime Routine 

POV: it’s summer and the days feel like they last a lifetime. The days are long, the nights are short, and it’s the perfect time to get into the habit of a nighttime routine. Do things that will benefit you at night. It can help boost physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing exponentially. Check out a complete guide to the perfect nighttime routine here!

The Takeaway

Summer is for setting those summer goals, having fun, and winning. Try out any of these goals to have something to aspire to this summer. Setting aims, planning them out, and doing them will help you feel accomplished. Doing something for yourself is like setting yourself up for a win. Do any goals you like as they range from more time-consuming to easy daily habits.

Remember that health starts from within, so eat well most of the time, move your body daily, and take care of your mental health. Try to make sure you take care of gut health too! Microbiota health affects metabolism, muscle growth, the immune system, digestion, and even skin health! Get all the resources you need about microbiota health for free here!

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