Easy Wellness Habits Inspired by the Tuscan Hillside

Italy is a place of sun, wine, and pasta, yes, but also a land of flourishing wellness habits that are ingrained into society. These wellness habits can be added to your busy day with ease as they are simple changes that make a world of difference.

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Keep reading to find out the top 5 wellness habits inspired by trips to Italy, Tuscan hills, and glasses of joy, laughter, and wine.

5 Easy Wellness Habits Inspired by Italy

Here are 5 simple wellness habits inspired by the Tuscan hillside! They are easy to incorporate into your daily life and make a world of difference.

1. Get Your Carbs In

You might think that carbs are the enemy, but that can’t be further from the truth. Complex carbo offers vitamin minerals, nutrients, and energy for the body. Instead of cutting out carbs, think about what you can add to meals to make them more nutritious. Pasta can be decked out with roasted garlic, basil, tomatoes, cheeses, and healthy oils for a high-protein, nutritious option.

Let yourself indulge and treat yourself. Restrictive diets do not work and are definitely not sustainable for most.

2. Move Your Body Daily

Living an active lifestyle is important to overall health. Any sort of activity that gets your heart pumping and muscles moving is good. You can even just go on a relaxing stroll in the evening. This is very common in Italy, and it can even help with digestion and regulation of your internal clock

The average American only gets about 2,000 steps in a day, though help benefits can be gained at around 5,000. So try to get those steps in daily for wellness, both physical and mental.

3. Rest and Leisure

Rest and relaxation help you escape the cycle of productivity that leads to burnout. Make sure you are prioritizing leisure when you can so you don’t feel stressed, tired, anxious, or overstimulated by the busy day.

It is common in Italy to take a relaxing stroll, have wine with friends, rest in the afternoon, and enjoy life. Try to incorporate this subtle yet noticeable form of self-care daily.

4. Try a Farmer’s Market

The best thing you can do for your health and the environment is to eat local food. This removes a layer of mystery from the food you eat, as you know what’s going on your plate. Plus, fresh whole food is usually higher in nutrients like fiber and vitamins, making them much better for you.

Try to visit a farmer’s market when possible and choose local foods. You can even try to make your loaves of bread, pasta, and sauces. Have fun trying out new things, celebrating mistakes, and progress.

5. Romanticize Meal Time

Many say you eat with your eyes, and this is very much true. Plating, even just adding some chives on top, can make you eat with more gusto and joy. Meals eaten mindfully are meals you enjoy more.

Plus, it’s super easy and fulfilling to romanticize your meals. You can add fresh herbs on top, make a cute sauce, and stay mindful. Try to limit TV distractions and put down the phone for a bit.

The Takeaway

Italy is a place of pizza, pasta, light, and love. Its wellness habits are easy to incorporate into an American lifestyle which is so influenced by hustle culture, social media, and productivity. Try out these lovely tips and habits to see what a difference in wellbeing they make!

Remember that health starts from within, so eat nutritious food, exercise the body daily, and take care of your mental health. Don’t forget about gut health too! Microbiota health affects metabolism, the muscles, the immune system, digestion, skin health, and more! Get all the resources you need about microbiota health for free here!

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