Fall Happiness Habits and Activities You Need to Try Now!

As seasons change, so do we. Hence, our skincare needs change, our daily habits, our nutrition, etc., are all influenced by the changing times. These fall happiness habits can help you navigate the transition with grace.

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While some daily tasks, like journaling or gratitude, can help increase baseline mood, these focus on simple habits you can use to be happier. Fall happiness habits can make a world of difference and best of all, they are easy to incorporate into your day.

Why Habits Change in the Fall

Think of the seasons as timeframes for health. Fall usually means cooler weather, flu season, and Halloween vibes. It also means new seasonal products, fresh fruit, and the possibility of adding fun habits into your day. These fall happiness habits not only boost mood but allow you to have a healthy season.

The Best Fall Happiness Habits

Here are some fall happiness habits that can make your day better! Some are easy habits you can add to your day while others involve more of a weekend plan or day trip. Enjoy the little things, romanticize your life, and bring in the good vibes.

Simple Daily Habits

Here are everyday habits you can use.

1.  Add Evening Walks

Evening walks are a great way to improve mood, physical health, and even boost digestion! Start adding them to your day as fall comes around.

2. Light Seasonal Candles

Nothing brightens up your mood like sensitive candles that usher in the new season. Add scents of cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, amber, and other cozy smells that invite warmth into the space.

3. Moisturize More

This will make you feel better and look better! As the temperature gets a little cooler and less humid, you might want to moisturize more to feel your best.

4. Add Cozy Vibes to the Home

This is a must to allow an inviting, cozy atmosphere to bring you joy! Add blankets, flannel patterns, and festive centerpieces to your home for an easy happiness boost!

5. Use In Season Fruit

Nothing is more fun than getting to use fresh local fruit in a dish. Go to your local market and find what’s fresh!

6. Knit or Crochet

It’s the best feeling of accomplishment when you learn a skill that can help you! Learn to knit or crochet and make it a hobby! You can try to make a sweater or scarf and feel accomplished while doing so.

7. Sweater it Up

Make sweater weather extra fun by giving your wardrobe a fresh look. Go through your clothes and see what you still love and what you want to donate! 

8. Stargaze Often

A simple, easy fall happiness habit is to go stargazing. Take a moment out of your day to remember that there are entire galaxies out there and enjoy the space you have for yourself here on earth.

9. Watch a Festive Movie

Whether it’s Love Actually or a spooky pick like The Exorcist, get into the fall vibes by watching festive movies more often!

10. Wine and Cheese it Up

There’s just something about wine and cheese that makes you feel better while calming you. It helps put you more at ease! Treat yourself more to some wine and cheese during the season.

Plans to Make

Here are some fall happiness habits and activities that require a bit more planning and time to do! They are very much worth it though.

1. Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a festive, fun, and easy way to boost your mood and gain some yummy fruit you can eat later!

2. Pumpkin Patch Day

Nothing says fall like having a pumpkin patch getaway. Make a day out of it and go with friends and family! You can even carve the pumpkin and eat the seeds since they are a superfood.

3. Drive by the Countryside

This is a trip, especially if you live in a busy city. Sometimes it’s nice to just get away and explore the world around you.

4. Halloween Party!

An excuse to dress up and have fun? Yes, please! Plan a Halloween party this year to give yourself something to look forward to all season long.

5. Rent a Cabin

Renting a cabin, even through Airbnb, is a fun activity that makes fall feel more special. Take the family and relax for a weekend.

6. Picnic in the Leaves

Picnics are already a dose of happiness, a way to romanticize life more easily. Doing it in the leaves of autumn will help add some cozy fall vibes to your life.

7. Hike in Nature

Nature is proven to boost mood while reducing mental health issues. Take time to find and hike a nature trail this fall.

8. Harvest Dinner Party

Get the pumpkin, squash, and other fruits and vegetables out and host a seasonal dinner party for you and your family!

9. Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Find a place to do a fun hayride with friends and family! Bonus points if you can also find a haunted house to tour as well.

10. Tailgate

One of the best parts of American football is being together with good food and drinks. This autumn, go to a tailgate and have fun!

Bonus Health Tips for the Fall

Here are some health tips that can increase happiness in your normal day-to-day life by boosting wellbeing! Try them out and see how you feel.

  • Eat in-season veggies – these include beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, squash, and eggplant!
  • Get a flu shot – keep the flu away, or at least reduce symptoms, by getting a flu shot if you can!
  • Keep your immune system high – there are ways to help prevent the common cold too! Here is a food that boosts immune health.
  • Use vacation time – plan a trip with the family this fall. Unplug, rest, and decompose from your usual work life.
  • Give – with fall and November right around the corner, we usually take the time to have a day of thanks. This can be incorporated more into your day! Practice appreciation more often to really get into an attitude of gratitude all season long.

The Takeaway

Fall happiness habits can make life brighter. Try out the simple, everyday habits or plan some season appropriate events! This can be something as simple as adding evening walks into your schedule or as complex as planning a pumpkin picking day with friends and family. Plus, you can add some health tips to make sure you feel your best this fall too. Eat in-season vegetables and fruits, take care against illness, and make time for yourself and your family.

Remember that health starts from within, so eat nutritious food, exercise a couple of times a week, and take care of your mental health. Don’t forget about gut health too since our microbiota health affects metabolism, the muscles, the immune system, digestion, skin health, and more! Get all the resources you need about microbiota health for free here!

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