A Fun February Reset to Help You Focus and Succeed 

Monthly resets allow us to reflect on our past to create a better future. This February reset is all about assessing New Year’s resolutions, making practical adjustments, and following through on our dreams.

Monthly resets can be a great way to start or end a month – source

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about monthly resets, with benefits, journal prompts, reflection questions, and more! Make the most of your month with this fun February reset guide today.

What is a Monthly Reset

Monthly resets are a time of reflection in which you can adjust and focus on your goals and dreams. It can be done at the beginning of the month or the end of one. Some individuals prefer weekly resets, as it allows you to analyze your time in detail. 


Monthly resets can help you prepare for a new month, allowing you to focus on new goals or rework goals that are in progress. IT can help you plan better, track your habits, and reach your goals with ease. Take the time to clear your mind, organize, and focus. This will help you set up a helpful routine, prioritize self-care, and grow personally. Plus, reset guides become a time to motivate yourself and work through any issues while changing and adapting.

How to

All you need for a monthly reset is somewhere to write. This can be on a calendar, on your phone, in a journal, or on your laptop. Make sure you have enough space to make different sections, make to-do lists, add reflections, etc. Part of a reset can also be physically tidying up the house a bit, decluttering the yard, or clearing out emails and notifications. Check out the guide on a February reset below and watch how wellness flourishes!

February Reset Guide

Here is your guide to a February reset sure to get you on track to set this year up for success. Try out the techniques and check out the simple tips at the end to make your monthly reset guide whenever you need it! 

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts are a good way to sort through emotions, plan things out, and clear the mind. Here are some journal prompts you can use to thrive this February.

  • What is an inspirational story I have read recently?
  • What is the biggest dream I want to accomplish?
  • I am grateful for [insert three things here].
  • What am I looking forward to this month?
  • I feel loved when [insert here]. I can practice showing love by [insert here].

Here are some questions that can help you reflect on the past to sort through your goals, feelings, and habits. This can help you get on track easily.

  • What did I accomplish last month?
  • What are some things I learned? What do I want to learn?
  • What do I want to change for this month? Why?
  • What events do I need to plan out?
  • List out the highs and lows of last month.

Making and working towards goals are important habits. Here are some goals to accomplish or readjust for this month! January is a month full of resolutions and trials. Make your February reset a time to embrace flexibility and change.

  • Try out a new health recipe. Add more vegetables to your daily meals. 
  • Add a bit more movement into your day. If you were working out once a week, try upping it to 3 times.
  • Read 1 book. Bonus points if it is a self-improvement book. Even more points if it is a genre you honestly enjoy like fantasy or thriller.
  • Adjust your morning and nighttime routine. 
  • Make sure you are doing things that help you, like drinking water and stretching throughout the day.

Finally, here are some February reset affirmations to help boost overall health and mental wellbeing!

  • I am improving every day in every way.
  • I am trying my best and that is enough. 
  • I give myself permission to try. Every misstep is a lesson to be learned.
  • I am being authentic to my true self and desires.
  • I am worthy of everything I am striving to achieve.

How to Personalize a Monthly Reset

Not feeling this guide? Here are some simple tips on making your own monthly reset for whichever month you need!

  • Choose a time – some individuals do a monthly reset at the end of a month while others find it helpful at the beginning. Others even wait a week to do one. It all depends on your goals, schedule, and moods.
  • Find Focus – determine what you want to focus on with your monthly reset. If you want to focus on more than one aspect of life, for example, career and fitness, make sure you are separating the categories.
  • Stock up on Supplies – doing a monthly reset is easier with a journal, pens, notepad, or any other supply you think you will need.
  • Make it a Habit – Make sure you are completing your month reset every month. If you need to, set an alarm, mark it on your calendar, and make a whole event out of it. You can turn it into a self-care day by treating yourself to rest and relaxation!
  • Brain dump – at the end of the day, a monthly reset is all about improving mental wellbeing. A good way to do that easily is to brain dump, in which you simply write out everything in your head. This includes fears, worries, ideas, dreams, goals, etc. It can be in a journal, on the notes app on your phone, or anywhere else.

The Takeaway

Monthly resets can help you stay on track to reaching your dreams. This February reset is the perfect way to reassess any resolutions and goals you have. Remember that while most give up on resolutions, small daily changes make a huge difference.

Remember that health starts from within, so eat nutritious food, exercise when you can, and care for mental health. Don’t forget about microbiota health too! Microbiota affects the entire body, from the skin to muscles, to immune and mental health! Get all the resources you need about microbiota health for free here!

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