Romanticizing Your Life Can Change Everything – Boost Overall Wellness Easily

Romanticizing your life can be a concrete form of self-care, resulting in a boost in overall wellbeing. While starting as a trend online, it has actual benefits for your daily routine. Best of all, as a concept, it is meant to be simple and easily applied to your day-to-day life.

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But, what is romanticizing your life and how can you start? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about romanticizing your life and benefiting today!

What is Romanticizing Your Life

Romanticizing your life is a form of self-care that started as a trend online. People tend to show the best parts of their day, speak about the little things that bring them joy, and make simple things or meals look pretty. 

Your life doesn’t have to change, but how you approach life changes. Romanticizing your life is about finding joy, peace, and happiness in aspects of your life you take for granted or pay no attention to. Little things in life are already beautiful, lovely, and romantic. It’s about finding these things and paying attention to them.

In essence, romanticizing your life is a form of mindfulness that turns the ordinary extraordinary. Find magic in normal moments and watch how mental health gets a much needed boost in these trying times.

Ways to Romanticize Your Life

Remember, at its core, romanticizing your life is about feeling like the main character. You want to start doing things with the intention of making you happy. This can be as simple as ordering a drink in your favorite color, or as big as planning a trip to your dream destination. Here are ways to romanticize your life, broken down into different categories. They should all be easily added to your daily life.

Dress to Impress

What’s sweeter than being decked out in your best look to go grocery shopping? You don’t need a reason to look great and feel great in the gear you love. Even if you have nowhere to be, put on your favorite tee, try on your favorite dress, or rock your favorite shoes.

Drinks and Meals

Any time you eat a meal or drink something, you can make it just a little more special or do it a bit more mindfully. 

You eat with your eyes so try plating your meal with fresh herbs on top, or top of a nice plate. Appreciate the meal, appreciate the nutrition, and every step that it took to get the food onto the plate. Make your drinks nice too. Order something tasty as a treat from a coffee shop or make your own amazing drinks at home. Take time to really taste, smell, hear, and touch. Mindfully drink your coffee, cultivating positive feelings.


Hobbies can be romanticized by either mindfully enjoying the ones you do or picking up new hobbies based on aesthetics. If you already crochet, for example, do it in a rose-tinted style. Dim the lights, put on some soft music, and yarn it up. If you already like reading, do it with ambiance. Relax by a window. Bonus points if it’s raining slightly outside and you are cozy underneath a blanket.

Another way is to pick up certain hobbies. Go flower picking, start taking care of plants, cloud watching, learn to make sourdough, etc. Hobbies are a great treat for mental health and can be easily made just a little bit sweeter if done with intention.

Physical Activity

Yup, even exercise can be romantic. Go out in nature, get some fresh air, and decompress. Listen to the breeze, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and get your steps in. You can even do yoga outside or do some stretching. Make a playlist you can dance to, go for a swim, or even climb a tree. The world is full of fun active ways to spend your time.

Miscellaneous Ways

Some ways of romanticizing your life don’t necessarily fit into one category, but they are still super useful! Light a candle, listen to birds chirp, look at a sunrise or a sunset, or walk barefoot. Other things can include spending your day at a coffee shop enjoying the vibes, window shopping, or going to a bookstore.

Many ways to romanticize cost no money, or even save you money. Grate your own cheese, cut up and repurpose a shirt you don’t wear anymore, or shape your strawberries into hearts.

Quick Tips for Romanticizing Your Life

The more you take care of yourself, the more you can spread love and positivity to others. Here are some quick tips to easily make romanticizing self-care! These are more based on self-care actions and practices.

  • Meditate daily – meditation can help you regulate emotions and be more in the moment. It even has physical benefits such as lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Eat well – what you eat can affect the way your brain works and how you feel. Check out this guide to learn exactly how the foods you consume change your brain.
  • Monitor mental health – mental health is something that should be monitored, just like we monitor physical health. Take note of when and why you feel certain ways to know how to deal with it and cope.
  • Keep a journal – writing down feelings, emotions, thoughts, and goals can help declutter your mind, improving clarity and de-stressing the brain.
  • Nurture hobbies – have a hobby you love but haven’t done in ages? Pick it up again. Make time in your day for it, nurture it.
  • Skincare – skincare is the ultimate self-care. Take care of skin health and boost your inner glow with a routine based on science. Full guide here!

The Takeaway

Romanticizing your life can be a great way to incorporate mental health benefits into your day. The best part is that it is pretty simple when broken down into categories of romanticizing and focusing on mindfulness. You can make meals more magical, drink your drinks with joy, and do your hobbies with more positivity. 

Remember health comes from within, so eat well, exercise daily, and take care of your mental health. Let your daily habits become the building blocks for emotional, mental, and physical health. Take care of your gut health too! Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here.

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