21 I Am Affirmations to Rewire the Mind and Program You for a Better Life

Do affirmations work? Yes, if you let them. There is research that suggests affirmations can change the way you think for the better. I am affirmations particularly, seem to help affirm self-esteem and self-value (thanks science).

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So, you’re telling me some phrases that can completely change the way I think, feel, and act? Seriously?

While unbelievable, the research behind affirmations indicates that affirmations can affect you in big ways. One study found that I am phrases particularly helped increase satisfaction, decrease combativeness, and increase reconciliation. Another saw a decrease in defensiveness, reduced negativity, and increased positive reaction.

21 Affirmations on Happiness, Health, and Wealth

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So, without further ado, check out these 21 I am phrases that can rewire the mind for happiness, success, and health!

I Am Affirmations on Happiness

  • I am worthy, I am enough, I am wonderful.
  • I am calm, centered, and at peace
  • I am grateful every day in many ways 
  • I am pure joy and I radiate that everywhere I go
  • I am confident, fearless, and taking action today
  • I am a balanced, positive individual with joy and happiness
  • I am looking forward to pure happiness in days to come

I Am Affirmations on Wealth

Here are some affirmations based on wealth and success. For a longer list of success affirmations, check it out here.

  • I am skilled at what I do
  • I am wealthy in many ways
  • I am a magnet for opportunity and success
  • I am in harmony with prosperity
  • I am a magnet to money, determined and sure
  • I am a prosperous, successful individuals
  • I am a genius and I apply my wisdom

I Am Affirmations on Health

A healthy mind can contribute to better decisions that impact your physical health. Here are some affirmations based on health, both physical and mental!

  • I am strong, resilient, and powerful
  • I am healthy in mind and body
  • I am in control of my thoughts and feelings
  • I am worthy of the highest quality of life
  • I am powerful, persistent, and strong
  • I am taking care of my mental and physical health in valuable ways
  • I am rich with health that seeps into every cell.

Quick Tips for Affirmations

Here are some tips to make affirmations work more effectively for you!

Write them Down 

Writing them down can help you truly think about the affirmations and program them into your brain.

Read them Out Loud 

Reading affirmations out loud allows you to use your senses to fully grasp the affirmations. Think about how a song gets stuck in your head. We want the affirmations to be stuck on repeat.

Make them Visible

 Put your affirmations on post-it notes on places you will see. This plays into using your senses to make affirmations a habit in the mind.

Mornings and Nights

Say them before getting out of bed and read them again at night before sleeping. This will help make them a habit. No more getting up on the wrong side of the bed. One day, your first thought might be, I am confident today will go my way.

Take Time 

Give yourself time to feel the emotions. You can say I am happy all you want, but what does happiness feel like? Think about it, think about what makes you happy, and memorize that feeling.

The Takeaway

Affirmations can be a great way to change the way you think. Many people are on autopilot, not thinking about what they are thinking about.

Intrusive thoughts, habitual negativity, or just a default bad mood can make life seem dreary and tough. By changing the way you think, you can change your feelings, and your actions, and take control of your life.

These techniques are based on research as well. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches us to take control of the mind, which in turn adjusts feelings and emotions.

Affirmations are great but you can also pair them up with other activities that increase wellness. Take actions that help mental wellbeing, like breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation.

Remember that health starts from within. Treat yourself, take care of each dimension of wellbeing, and watch how wellness flourishes. Fuel your body with foods that increase physical wellness to provide the building blocks that help you thrive.

Did you know there’s a second brain in the gut that affects your mood, thoughts, and immune system? Yeah, I was shocked too. Check out why gut health matters, how to increase gut health, and what foods to eat today!

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