20 Simple Ways to Deal with Burnout – Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

We all have days that seem longer than others, where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and stay in that mood. This is normal, and a morning routine may help cultivate better feelings. What happens when every day feels like an uphill battle though? Burnout is a real phenomenon we deal with, but it should not become our new normal.

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Burnout is a very real issue in these modern times, with workdays increasing and people needing more and more side gigs to make a living. We need to be able to spot the common signs of burnout and take steps to fix it. Learn the common signs of burnout, the causes of it, and simple ways to fix it today!

What is Burnout

Burnout is the feeling of being overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is most often after long periods of stress, bad events, or a reduction of free time. It is often due to pressure from work, with overworking being a common cause of burnout.

The exhaustion felt from burnout can affect your physical body, as chronic stress can cause insomnia, mental illness, indigestion, and headaches.


There are signs of burnout you should be on the lookout for. These can be emotional ones, such as feelings of self-doubt, a sense of failure, or a feeling trapped/helpless. It can also come in subtle ways, such as feeling detached from the world, or lonely. 

Some other signs you can look for are not having as much motivation, negative thoughts, decreased satisfaction, and less sense of accomplishment.

20 Simple Ways to Reduce Burnout

Without further ado, here are 20 ways to deal with and overcome burnout. Some are simpler than others, while some require planning and thought. Choose whichever you need from the list and help yourself out daily.

Quick Fixes

Here are some quick ways to fix feelings of burnout!

1. 5 Finger Breathing

Five-finger breathing is a technique you can do anywhere. It involves physical touch, visual cues, and deep breathing, which can help ground you in the present moment. Get the full guide on how to do it here! Breathing in and of itself has many benefits for the body and mind!

2. Stretch it Out

Stretching is vital to the joint health of your body, especially if you have a desk job! Do some stretches, even at your desk. There are even some, like a supine twist, you can do from the comfort of your bed, which is a great way to start the day.

3. Desk Exercises 

Desk exercises can help you move your body. We are designed to move, and sedentary jobs tend to keep us immobilized. Long-term, that causes aches, pain, and mental exhaustion. Check out some easy desk exercises here!

4. Walking Break

Walking can have many benefits, including reducing stress, increasing mental clarity, and boosting performance. Go outside and touch some grass as a break. Even being out in nature has some mental health benefits sure to reduce burnout.

5. Close Your Eyes and Body Scan

Staring at a screen can worsen vision, cause headaches, and even reduce the amount you blink, leading to dry eyes and irritation. Close your eyes for a bit and do a body scan. Here is a simple guide, but basically start at your feet and check in on areas worth noticing, releasing tension or built-up pain.

Daily Habits to Reduce Burnout

Here are daily habits sure to improve your mental and physical health!

6. Move Your Body

Exercise is not just to change your appearance. Working out daily can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase energy throughout the day.

7. Meditate in the Morning

Meditation can be a time of mindfulness that can help boost your mental health immensely. There is no real wrong way to do it, so check out different kinds and choose the one you like the most! To make meditation more powerful, try adding affirmations.

8. Drink Less

And I don’t mean water. Try to drink less alcohol as too much reduces heart health and mental health. It can even impact your quality of sleep, reducing the all-important REM stage. While a cup of wine can help you unwind, too much is not good. It is important to learn other coping mechanisms that are a bit healthier (and I say this as a wine lover).

9. Have a Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are nutrient-dense additions to your day that can have huge health benefits. You cannot pay me to eat kale, but I will bend it up, add in some fruit and milk, and chug it. Make it creamier by adding avocado, yogurt, or collagen powder.

10. Take Care of Your Sleep

Sleep is vital to health. Learn good sleep habits, like turning off electronics, not drinking caffeine after 5, etc., to help boost the quality of sleep. Here are some easy tips to have good sleep hygiene and a guide on how to reduce insomnia! A lot of important repairs happen at night, which can help you feel less burned out during the day.

Treat Yourself Techniques

Here are some easy treats you can give yourself to reduce burnout. They are a good way to unwind and relax while appreciating yourself. You deserve good things and these are just a couple you can try!

11. Focus on a Hobby

Find a hobby you like and start doing it in your free time! This gives you something to look forward to and share with others.

12. Eat Somewhere Nice

Want an ice cream cone from the place down the street? Go get one! Life is short and we will remember the good times of enjoying time and celebrating the little things. Fitness is about balance and moderation.

13. Watch a Movie

Watch one of your favorite movies! Bonus points if it makes you smile. Take the time to enjoy it a little bit extra. I would say to avoid tragic films, horror, and sad dramas though. As much as we try not to, we tend to empathize with fictional stories til we cry.

14. Skincare it Up

Skincare is self-care. Add a routine in the morning and at night as a daily habit to help soothe yourself and treat yourself. Our skin health is important to look nice and do its job of protecting our insides.

15. Listen to Music You Love

Listening to a happy song will make you happier. Make a playlist designed to cheer you up and cheer you on.

Planning Ways to Reduce Burnout

Here are some more time-consuming ways to reduce burnout that work very well.

16. Take a vacation

Get that paid time off if you can and treat yourself to a vacation. It can be to the beach four hours away or to another country. The vacation can even be to a nice part of your town. As long as it’s a fun trip, plan it and do it!

17. Ask for a Day Off

Can’t take a vacation? No worries! Ask for an extra day off and use the time to catch up on shows, hang out with friends and family, or just chill at home!

18. Plan a Weekend Event

The weekend can be a great time to budget for fun activities. Plan a place to go to, a concert, a brunch, or something fun for the weekend!

19. Start a New Interest Group

Look for a group you can join. Start a book club, do a foodie tour, or play video games with others. Sharing hobbies, starting new activities, and getting together are great ways to reduce loneliness associated with burnout.

20. Look for New Employment

Sometimes, your daily habits aren’t the issue, it’s your work. If you cannot communicate your needs with your boss, start looking for new employment you will be a bit happier in.

The Takeaway

Burnout is a very real issue that many of us have faced, or will face in the future. It is important to take steps to take care of this issue to not feel bad constantly. We are meant to feel, if not happy, content in our daily lives.

Learn simple daily habits, try to treat yourself, and plan out more complex activities that can help reduce burnout. We should feel good in our day-to-day lives. The stress, the feelings of exhaustion and loneliness, the dissatisfaction; all of it is not normal. You deserve to get solutions instead of simply existing and dealing with difficulties.

Remember that health comes from within, therefore try to eat nutritious food, work out daily in a way that feels good, and take care of your mental health. Habits become the building blocks for health, emotional, mental, and physical. Plus, try to take care of your gut health as well for even more health benefits, both physically and mentally! Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here!

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