9 Simple Ways to Support Mental Health Daily

When we take care of ourselves, we can make better choices for ourselves and for others. Be your biggest fan and support mental health with these easy tips!

person doing self care to support mental wellbeing
Self care is not selfish – source

Research shows that self-care can help you care about other people. When you have more love and kindness towards yourself, you are more likely to express that toward others. And the fact of the matter is we deserve that kindness and care.

9 Ways to Support Mental Health

Check out these easy, yet effective ways to support mental health in your day to day life today! 

Jam Out

Have you noticed when you’re sad and play a sad song, you’re more likely to be reaching for the tissues? Same. 

If you want to change a bad mood or support mental health, you might want to look for music that is upbeat and makes you feel better! Studies have shown that people who listen to upbeat, more positive music are happier than people who don’t.

Evaluate Energy and Boundaries

Me time has to start with evaluating just how much energy you have for the day. Whether you feel like you are ready to take on the world or need some love and care, it is important to know.

Plus, knowing your energy levels can help you set boundaries. If you feel more high energy, you might be willing to go out with friends, but if you’re feeling tired, give yourself the rest you deserve. It is ok to say no to things.

Plan for Rest

Rest is an important part of supporting mental health; without it, you are more likely to burn out and be less productive.

Even if you have a busy schedule for the day, it is important to plan for rest. Rest can be anything too and does not have to take long. Do some breathing exercises, meditate for 5 minutes, heck, even go on a 5 min walk. There are even yoga sessions that are 3 stretches and done.

If anything, give yourself a song length of rest to rest and support mental health.

Create Goals

Creating and accomplishing goals trigger the reward pathway of the brain. Even making your bed can boost mental wellbeing.

Set goals throughout the day that can help boost mental productivity and mood. Make sure they are achievable and treat them like guidelines that can be changed.


People who volunteer are more likely to report higher levels of happiness than people who don’t. Why? 

When you do good, you feel good. You see more good in the world and start to expect more good things to happen in your life.

Go Outside

The great outdoors, nature, has amazing effects on mental wellbeing. That go out and touch some grass saying has a lot of merits.

Nature increases mental wellbeing, improving mood greatly. Even better, try taking a walk outside to see how great you feel afterward.

Move Daily

There are so many reasons to work out, many of which have nothing to do with the way you look.

Sitting for long periods of time can be incredibly detrimental to mental and physical health. It is important to plan movement into your day. Exercise can be intense, like a HIIT cardio session, or a gentle walk outdoors. It can be related to strength with push-ups, pull-ups, and calisthenics, or it can be cardio based.

Even stretching can have amazing anti-inflammatory effects on the body! Any movement is good movement.

Tend to Relationships

We are social by nature. Even an introvert can benefit from tending to relationships in their life, from reaching out to friends or spending time with family.

Reach out to friends and family whenever you can to truly feel supported and loved.

Gratitude it Up

As stated in this science based article, being thankful is a mindset that can have life-changing effects. Gratitude can help you appreciate what you have in life and help you expect more of it.

When we concentrate on what we are thankful for, chances are we’ll find more and more things to appreciate.

The Takeaway

There are many ways to support mental health in your day to day life. Some of the easiest habits can have life-changing effects on your mental wellbeing. When we feel good, we make healthier choices which in turn make us feel even better.

Plan to take time for yourself, assessing your energy level and boundaries. Planning me time allows you to determine what you do, whether that’s exercise, listening to music, or hanging out with friends and family.

Remember the importance of counting your blessings, volunteering, going outside in nature, and being kind to yourself. Set achievable goals that can boost mental productivity and wellbeing too!

Self-care is not selfish. It is a vital part of wellness that should matter as much as a workout session. Tending to mental wellbeing matters as much as what you eat in terms of fitness.

Did you know that about 90% of serotonin, the feel good chemical of the brain, is created in the gut? A balanced gut microbiota can improve mental wellbeing exponentially! Gut health even relates to the immune system, skin condition, and even physical health! Get all your resources about the microbiota for free today!

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