That Silly Little Walk Trend Actually Has Incredible Benefits – Both Physically and Mentally 

It’s always fun when trends make you healthier.

Person walking
Silly little walks are as fun as they sound- Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

A silly little walk is just like it sounds, it’s getting up, going outside, and just walking. 

No errand, no destination, no purpose.

And it may just become your favorite part of the day.

Check out what this new trend is, what the benefits are, and how to do it today!

Mental Benefits of a Silly Little Walk

A silly little walk is almost a form of mindful walking.

Great thinkers in history, such as Henry Thoreau, advocated for the benefits of walking and stimulating the mind, but this trend is simpler than that.

You don’t go on a silly little walk for enlightenment or pure mediation, there isn’t necessarily a purpose.

It therefore becomes easier to relax, and just enjoy the moment, clearing your head

Exercise itself can reduce depression, anxiety and improve mood drastically. As you move, your body releases chemicals that just make you feel better.

This reduces stress and other negative emotions, resetting the mind and body.

With this trend, you slow down, just be, and just breathe.

Physical Benefits of a Silly Little Walk

Walking is already a great form of exercise, improving heart health. Because it is a low-impact exercise, almost everyone can do it, making it a good exercise for beginners to expert fitness levels.

Walking is said to be the first step you can take in cardiovascular disease prevention.

To increase the intensity, walk up hills or add on a bit of weight. These silly little add ons will help tone your core, legs, and glutes for all those serious little benefits physically.

Plus, daily movement is more beneficial than long strenuous workouts, so daily walks will be better for you than running miles on the weekend.

Getting out to take some deep breaths, get some vitamin D, and look at a change of scenery has an amazing effect on the entire body, improving wellbeing almost instantly!

So How Do You Take a Silly Little Walk?

It’s so easy to do it’s a bit silly to explain. Get up, go outside, and walk.

There’s really no way to do it wrong. If you want, grab a coffee, go to a friend’s, or just walk in circles. Go out to get some sunshine, breathe some fresh air, and experience a change in environment.

The mental and physical benefits of this activity feel so good, you won’t even notice you’re doing something healthy.

I’m Sold, So How Often Should I Take a Silly Little Walk?

Benefits, both physical and mental, from taking a silly little walk can be felt after just one stroll! The mood-boosting mental benefits particularly stand out.

As the saying goes, practice makes habit.

For lasting cardiovascular improvements and overall mental health improvements, make a silly little walk a habit.

Try to walk for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, more if you can squeeze it in, at least 5 times a week.

Remember, the walks aren’t a race. What matters is the movement.

Even walking for 10 minutes can help you feel better, resets your mental state, and has benefits for overall health.

The Takeaway

Silly little walks are a trend that can drastically improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Walking itself is a type of low-impact exercise that has great heart benefits and leads to improves muscle tone.

The mental health benefits of walking can boost mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and reduce depression.

While you walk, you can get some fresh air, vitamin D, and check out some nice views, all improving overall wellness.

There are many benefits from these aimless walks, some of which are comparable to a moving meditation.

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