The Best Two Affirmations Needed to Change Your Life

As shown by research, affirmations can have many benefits, improving mental health and reducing stress. The type of affirmations matters though. These two affirmations, in particular, can be the difference between a nerve-racking day and one of joyful peace and confidence. 

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Worth is intrinsic – source

Find out which two affirmations can have life-changing benefits today. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about affirmations, how to use them, benefits, and more! 

What Are Affirmations

Affirmations are positive phrases designed to change thoughts, rewire the mind, and reduce stress. These statements can help shift our minds to help us feel happier and more content in day-to-day life, plus can help us change the way we think for the better.

Science-Based Benefits

Affirmations, particularly positive self-affirmations, can become automatic over time. This means that your thoughts will, by default, be more positive if you are using positive affirmations. Research has even shown that affirmations can change our actions.

This study found that people who did positive affirmations towards more green habits started to become more earth conscious and were even more likely to recycle.

A meta-analysis (which is a study that analyzes many different research experiences) found that affirmations helped individuals change for the better, increased positive behaviors, and reduced health risks.

The Only Two Affirmations You Need to Try

Without further ado, here are the top two affirmations (the only two) you need to try today for life-changing benefits. 

I am Worthy.

Self-worth relates to self-esteem and self-respect. Intrinsically, you have worth. You should be able to place value on yourself, or else it will be difficult to cultivate positivity. Though respect and love are often applied to how we view others, it is also related to how we view ourselves.

We need to practice self-worth, using this affirmation and habits to build it up. How worthy you feel impacts everything you do, from how you interact with others, to how you view yourself, and how others see you. Ask yourself and journal about questions to analyze how you view yourself:

  • Do you think you are worthy of love and respect?
  • Do you value yourself?
  • Do you like yourself?

Try to use this simple affirmation to improve self-worth. Improve self-worth through doing things you like to do, nurturing hobbies, reducing negative thoughts, and reaching out to seek support.

I Deserve it.

Along the same train of thought, this affirmation makes you believe you are worthy of merit, benefits, and positivity. You deserve good, kindness, and respect. This is a positive feeling we should be enhancing and illuminating.

You can use this as a way to build self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. If you think you deserve something, chances are you will be more willing to take the necessary steps you need to with confidence. This affirmation increases your belief in yourself and can help boost your chances of success.

How to Customize Them

There are many ways to use affirmations, and you can even create your own. Here are some ideas for customizing these two affirmations.

You can change these two affirmations up to fit a certain scenario. For example, if you are working towards a promotion, you might say, I deserve a raise, I work hard, and I am worthy of a promotion.

On the other hand, you can keep them general by using a statement like I deserve everything I desire or a phrase like I am worthy of love and respect.

Quick Tips For Affirmations

Here are some tips to help you get the most benefits out of your affirmations.

  • Say Them Out Loud – saying them out loud will help your brain process them well. Bonus points for standing in front of a mirror and saying them to your face.
  • Write Them Down  – write them down 5 times a day, journal about them, make a poem about them. Do what you need to to make them stick.
  • Mornings and Nights – try to use affirmations when you first wake up and right before bed to set the tone for your days and nights.
  • Post it – write them down on post-it notes and stick them all over in places you will see them and read them.
  • Make it Your Wallpaper – try making these affirmations your wallpaper on your phone so you see them throughout the day.
  • Feel it – Focus on the feelings associated with the statements. What does worthy feel like? What does it feel like to deserve it?

The Takeaway

Affirmations can have life-changing benefits, especially if you use these specific ones. These two affirmations are designed to build joy, self-esteem, confidence, and overall peace. Using them may also decrease negative thoughts, lower stress, increase physical health, and boost mental wellbeing.

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