What is a Chakra Mediation – History, Benefits, and more. The Complete Guide

What exactly is a chakra meditation, and are there any science based benefits? Let’s find out.

You may have heard someone tell you that you need to align your chakras.

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Great. That’ll fix everything. 

Well, though it may sound far-fetched at first, science has studied the effects of chakra meditation and found it to be highly effective in the treatment of symptoms related to physical pain and mental health.

But to truly practice chakra meditations and use them to your benefit, you need to know the symbolism, the history, and the script to follow.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about chakra meditations, such as “what is a chakra meditation?”, “what does each chakra represent?”, “where is each chakra in the body?”, and much more!

What is a Chakra Meditation 

Chakra meditation is a kind of meditation technique that is based on the seven chakras located in the body. 

Chakras in the body are said to be points of energy, where energy gathers and swirls.

What is the Science Behind Chakra Meditations 

Science has not been clear on pinpointing these energy centers, though some studies have found them related to the endocrine system, the part of the body that regulates chemicals and hormones.

And while more research should be conducted, the research that exists is promising.

Chakra meditations reduce stress exponentially and reduce mental health issues such as anxiety and depression greatly.

What is the History Behind Chakra Meditations 

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or cycle. 

Chakra meditations encompass an entire practice that is believed to be derived from early Hinduism. 

According to chakra meditation, the blockage of different energy points is associated with different ailments in the mind and body.

Western chakra meditations introduced colors to the chakra points, giving a psychological cological color to each center.

What is the Purpose of Chakra Meditations

The goal of chakra meditation can be to form a solid base of wellness in the body, observing and dealing with any areas of tension or blocks you may have.

Chakra meditations can be used to find balance in certain aspects of your life, unblock certain areas you feel stuck in, or heal certain areas you feel negative about. 

What are the Benefits of Chakra Meditations 

Benefits of Chakra meditation include reduction of stress, increased compassion, increased willpower, and reduced negativity.

People also report less anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts with the longer practice.

What are the Chakra Points in the Body

There are seven chakras in all. 

From top to bottom with their western name, Sanskrit name, color and meaning, they are:

Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, (Purple) – Associated with clarity, and mental ability, simulated the nervous system. Located at the top of the head

Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, (Indigo) – Associated with brain chemistry balance, cleansing negativity. Located in the middle of the forehead

Throat Chakra, Vishuddha, (Blue) – Associated with emotional intelligence, and emotional regulation. Located at the base of the throat

Heart Chakra, Anahata, (Green) – Associated with relationships, feelings of trust, and inner strength of the body. Located at the center of the chest

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, (Yellow) – Associated with creativity, willpower, self-regulation, and overcoming adversity. Located between the ribs and navel

Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana, (Orange) – Associated with physical strength and stamina, courage and confidence, passion and power. Located Below navel

Root Chakra, Muladhara,  (Red) – Associated with intelligence, logic, staying grounded and focused. Located at the base of the spine

How to Practice a Chakra Meditation 

Chakra meditations can be practiced for 15 to 30 minutes on average, though they may be longer if you wish. 

Some individuals choose a guided meditation or recording to move through each chakra center smoothly.

Here is a simple guide on how to do a chakra meditation:

1. Start in a Comfortable Position

Find a comfortable place to start your chakra meditation. It is recommended to be seated in a crossed-legged position or a chair, though it can also be done lying down. Make sure there are no distractions for you during your meditation.

2. Start from the Top

Starting from the top of your head, bring awareness to each chakra. For each energy center, try to visualize the chakras. Ask yourself how you feel in this area. Does it feel easy, tight with tension, heavy, or light? Observe your current state, then visualize energy flowing through this chakra. Cleanse it, heal it, rejuvenate it. Stay focused on bettering this chakra until you feel ready to move on to the next one.

3. Whole Body Energization 

Once you have observed and activated every chakra, visualize a light coming from the universe entering all your chakras, from the crown to the root. Enjoy this feeling of peace, warmth, and wholeness.

The Takeaway 

Chakra meditations are a great tool to improve mental wellbeing.

It is a visual meditation that can help pinpoint areas of tension or stress.

Chakra meditations have a long history and have great modern-day applications.

Chakra meditations may help you feel unblocked emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Give a chakra meditation a try to see if the visual meditation is right for you today!

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