5 Amazing Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee Better – instantly improve taste and nutritional value

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s mornings.

Picture of coffee cup, coffee beans, and freshly ground coffee.
You’re not you without your morning cup – source

Though once considered harmful, scientific research has since shown caffine has a variety of health benefits, even protecting the brain and supporting full body wellness.

Talk about a 180 flip.

As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I’ve tried every kind of coffee, in every type of way.

Light roast, medium, dark roast, cold, hot, iced, lukewarm.

I’ve drank coffee since it was considered bad years ago, and have continued drinking it as science now proclaims it can extend life (yes, this happened).

Keep reading to find easy effective ways to improve your morning coffee nutritionally and taste-wise!

5 Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee Even Better

So, here are the only tips you need to up your coffee game for maximum taste and health benefits!

1. Use Freshly Grounded Beans

Everything is coffee’s enemy.

No really. 

Oxygen, moisture, and light all affect the freshness and taste of this tricky bean. It’s why you should always store coffee in airtight, dark containers.

This is also why when you try freshly grounded coffee, you’ll never go back to pre-ground.

Grounded coffee, every second in that state, starts to lose its flavor and freshness. 

I know it sounds like something a coffee elitist would say, I thought so too, and used conveniently grounded coffee for years. 

After trying fresh coffee I was shocked.

The taste of fresh coffee, the depth of flavor, the richness of scent, and the feeling in the mouth, it’s indescribable.

Even if you don’t like coffee, I think people just haven’t tried it fresh, that’s how different and delicious pre-ground and fresh ground is.

And fresh coffee, with milk, cream, or plant-based milk? Absolutely incredible.

2. Try Cold Brew 

Ok, but what if you’ve tried coffee, tried freshly grounded coffee even, and just can’t get over that bitter taste?

What if you’re just not convinced and even worst, it makes your stomach hurt?

Well, there’s a fix for that too.

You see, coffee is so tricky, that certain high temperatures just spike the taste into bitterness and acidity.

What’s the solution? A slowly brewed cold extraction of caffeine from coffee.

Cold brew coffee has about 65% less acidity than normal coffee, affecting the taste and decreasing any discomfort in the gut drastically.

Cold-brew itself only means the way the coffee is brewed, so it is even possible to microwave it for a warm drink using cold-brewed coffee!

3. Buy the Darkest Roast Beans

Dark roast coffee beans are dark brown, close to black that have a full-body, robust taste.

It is stronger and smokier, giving you more of that build coffee flavor. Light roast coffees may give you more complex flavors like nutty, fruity, or others while dark roasts tend to have darker flavors like chocolate or caramel.

So why choose dark roast?

Dark roast coffee is healthier, reducing body weight, restoring red blood cells, and increasing vitamin E.

4. Add Collagen Powder

Collagen powder, while more studies are needed, has the potential to provide amazing gains.

Not only has research found it to support muscle development, but it also improves skin, hair, and nails.

A great way to make coffee even better for you, enhancing nutrition, is taking the opportunity to add collagen peptides, a nutrient that is dissolved in beverages.

5. Make it Bulletproof 

Making your coffee bulletproof can help you increase focus, and energy, and stabilize your mood!

Consuming healthy fats is essential to wellbeing.

It is a great way to get quick antioxidants, nutrients, and energy in the morning.


Does this mean you have to add a stick of butter to coffee?

Absolutely not! There are healthy on-the-go bulletproof options, you can make it at home with coconut oil, MCT oil, or a little bit of grass-fed butter.

Worried about cholesterol? Well, did you know only about 20 percent of cholesterol comes from your diet, the rest is made by the body as it is needed?

The Takeaway

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s mornings, my own included.

Caffeine in and of itself has great benefits, but there are ways to make it even better.

Try cold brew for a gentler drink on the stomach. Try, freshly grounded beans for a taste you will never forget, try adding milk or milk substitute to enhance flavor.

The nutrition of coffee can also be improved. Choose dark roast for additional benefits, add collagen or make it bulletproof for added nutrition and energy!

Remember, health comes from within, so choose small ways to experience a big change in the body!

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