5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Morning Skincare Game

For some, all you need in the morning is moisturizer and SPF. Even a morning cleanse is optional, depending on your skin type, and some can get away with just a splash of water on their face. No matter who you are, though, there are ways to improve your morning skincare with simple tips anyone can try out.

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Skincare is self-care – source

With skincare, the simpler the better. These hacks are simple, easy, and straightforward, helping you to reveal healthy glowing skin.

5 Tips to Improve Your Morning Skincare Routine

Here are the best 5 tips you need to improve your morning skincare routine! Try out a couple of or even all of these hacks to boost skin health and target skin concerns. Remember that skincare is self-care and if you have skin, you need a skincare routine. Best of all, these tips are simple, require little to no time, and have great results.

1. Put Your Skincare in the Fridge

This hack is sure to give you instant results, though they may not last all day. By putting your skincare somewhere cold, you allow the product to have a depuffing effect on the skin when applied. This is particularly important in the morning, as we wake up with built-up fluids, dark circles, or impressions from sleeping face first in our pillow.

Plus, you don’t need to buy a $50 skincare fridge. Just put your skincare in your regular fridge and get the same results.

2. Try Caffeine in Your Skincare

Yup, caffeine is not just for our coffee drink, it’s great on the skin as well! While I’m sure we can’t just splash coffee on our faces, a lot of skincare serums, especially though designed for morning use, are adding caffeine into the formulation. Caffeine helps reduce blood flow, allowing the skin to look brighter and tighter, plus helps as an anti-inflammatory.

While the brightening effects of caffeine only last a few hours, caffeine does protect against oxidative stress throughout the day.

3. Use an Antioxidant

Skincare starts from within, so while you need to eat antioxidant-rich foods, you can also apply them in skincare topically. Using an antioxidant in the morning will allow it to protect your skin from pollutants, free radicals, and rays from the sun. This helps protect the skin from damage, reduces signs of aging, and even helps the skin to repair and heal.

The most common antioxidant used in the morning is vitamin C, but even something like niacinamide can act as an antioxidant.

4. Slug it Up

Slugging is using a petrolatum-based product as a final step in skincare to seal in the benefits of whatever is underneath. Slugging can also help products work better, so it is important to use them with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

You only need the smallest amount of vaseline or Aquaphor and you can choose to apply it to certain areas, like under the eyes or on the neck. Remember to avoid slugging when using actives like retinol, as slugging will increase the power of retinol, potentially leading to irritation.

5. Try a Gua Sha Tool

Gua sha is a face massage that some claim can help chisel the cheekbones and jaw. Sadly, that is a myth, and gua sha will not change the shape of your face, but it can help drain built-up lymph fluid when used in the morning. Throw your gua sha tool in the fridge too, for added depuffing and cooling.

This can reduce puffiness and tension, particularly in the jaw and neck. Get your full guide on how to gua sha here!

Quick Tips for Easy Morning Skincare

Here are some quick tips you can use for even healthier skin. We need to support and nurture the skin to allow it to function properly, protecting us from the outside world. Plus, who doesn’t want pretty skin?

  • Always use SPF – sunblock is one of the most important morning steps
  • Hydrate well – skin health starts from the inside out!
  • Add collagen to coffee – collagen can help improve the skin, so boost your coffee with collagen powder.
  • Eat a balanced diet – the food you eat becomes the building blocks for the skin to thrive.
  • Moisturize on damp skin – even if you don’t cleanse in the morning, splash some water on your face to help the moisturizer absorb into the skin

The Takeaway

Morning skincare is vital. What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, so it’s important to add a bit of self-care time in the form of skincare to improve happiness and nourish yourself. 

Antioxidants are vital in protecting the skin and remember to hydrate properly. Caffeine is not just for coffee! Some skincare has caffeine which can help plump the skin and hydrate it. Gua sha can help move lymph fluid in the face and remember to moisturize or even try slugging to seal in all that skincare. Try out any of these tips, or all of them, to step up your skincare routine today, easily.

Remember that health comes from within. Take care of mental health by treating skincare and self-care, eat a well-balanced diet, exercise at least three times a week, and watch how overall wellbeing flourishes. 

Take care of gut health as well! A balanced gut microbiota can help you improve muscle strength, boost mental health, strengthen immune system response, improve digestion, boost metabolism, and much more. Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here!

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