Get Rid of Acne with These 10 Amazing Overlooked Habits and Tips

We all deal with acne, it is normal, natural, and not our fault. You can have access to the most expensive skincare and still deal with spots. Some habits and skincare mistakes may cause acne to increase or worsen. Help get rid of acne with these overlooked habits and tips.

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Remember that skincare is about progress, not perfection. Treat skincare as self-care and learn what to do to target specific skin concerns with simple, effective tips. Keep reading to get a guide on reducing and getting rid of acne today!

10 Tips to Get Rid of Acne Easily

Here are the best, most useful, and overlooked tips for getting rid of acne. All of these are easy to add to your daily routine, as many do not relate to adding skincare products. In fact, sometimes with skincare, simpler is better. Use any or all of these tips to get rid of acne and reveal smooth skin quickly.

1. Stop Touching Your Face

Touching other surfaces and then touching your face is the main way bacteria is transferred, causing breakouts, acne, and irritation. 

Avoid this by avoiding touching your face unless your hands are clean. Moreover, when applying skincare, try not to touch the bottles with the same fingers you use to massage in the products.

2. Double Cleanse

Use a double cleanse method to help get rid of acne easily. This method works best if you use an oil-based cleanser then a water-based cleanser. Double cleansing reduces bacteria, dirt, and pollutants stuck on the skin, plus it leaves the skin ready to absorb skincare easily. 

The oil-based cleanser removes any sunscreen, oils, and makeup while the water base cleanser breaks down any leftover residue. Double cleansing can be used by anyone, even if you don’t wear makeup.

3. Clean Your Phone

Our phones can be a source of bacteria as we use our phone daily and press it onto our faces to make calls. We touch different surfaces then we touch our phone screens or we leave our phones lying on different surfaces, all of which transfer bacteria to our phones.

All that leaves your phone covered in bacteria that is then transferred to the face, causing acne. To avoid this, simply clean your phone every so often with a disinfecting wipe.

4. Get a Humidifier

Your skin barrier being at optimal health will help reduce and prevent acne breakouts. A humidifier can help restore moisture to the skin barrier and prevent dryness. 

Put a humidifier in the room you use the most and watch how soft and healthy your skin becomes!

5. Hydrate Your Body

Internal hydration is just as important as external. Keep hydrated to prevent the skin from becoming dry! Try to avoid alcohol as this kind of drink can lead to dehydrated skin. 

Instead, reach for teas, coffee, or lemon water to ensure you or your skin aren’t thirsty.

6. Reduced Inflammatory Foods

Something you eat may be causing an inflammatory reaction in your body, even if you’re not allergic to it! Try to avoid known inflammatory foods, like fast food, processed food, or added sugars. These can cause irritation that may even unbalance the microbiota of the skin, leading to acne.

Vegetable oils are fine in moderation, just limit them, as soo much can unbalance the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in the body, leading to Inflammation as well.

7. Focus on Gut Health

Gut health influences so much, it’s no surprise it can influence the health of the skin. Include prebiotics and probiotics in your daily meals to increase skin health.

A probiotic-rich diet had been proven to prevent skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne.

8. Use a Gentle Cleanser

If you use a harsh cleanser, you may be stripping the skin of natural oils and vital microbiota, which can in turn lead to a disrupted skin barrier. Unhealthy skin barriers cause acne, breakouts, and sensitivity, so avoid harsh cleansers for the face and body.

Make sure your cleansers are mild, pH balanced, and full of nurturing ingredients like oat or chamomile.

9. Use the Right Actives

Some actives may reduce the bacteria on the face or even help the skin renew itself which can help get rid of acne.

Use a leave-on salicylic acid treatment to get deep into the pores, removing bacteria and reducing acne. Try retinol to help the skin repair and regenerate.

Plus, you can always use hydrating active ingredients like hyaluronic acid to support the skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier equals healthy skin, which is key for fewer breakouts.

10. Wear Sunblock Daily

Sunblock is incredibly important to skin health. Use sunscreen daily to prevent the harsh rays of the sun from damaging the skin, destroying DNA and proteins which can cause irritation, sunburns, and even cancer.

Protecting the skin from the sun ensures the skin barrier is healthy, plump, and hydrated.

The Takeaway

Skincare is self-care and can be used to help fix certain skin concerns. Small changes to daily habits can drastically help you get rid of acne, such as cleaning your phone, not touching your face, or getting a humidifier. Also, check out the skincare you are using in terms of active ingredients, the pH of your cleanser, and the SPF of your sunblock. Finally, the food you eat and what you drink definitely can make or break your skin’s health, so eat well, nourish the gut, and hydrate.

Remember that health comes from within. Learn what habits help you and what habits you are better off without to allow wellbeing to improve. Eat a nutritious diet, take care of mental health, sleep well, exercise often, and watch wellness flourish.

Provide the body with good building blocks to allow it to repair, grow, and thrive.

Take care of gut health as well! The gut microbiome can affect muscle growth, mental health, immune system response, digestion, metabolism, and much more. Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here!

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