10 Simple Yet Amazing Springtime Skincare Tips You Have to Try

As the seasons change, so do our skin needs. That’s why it’s important to change our routine to adjust accordingly to changes in weather for the sake of our skin barrier health. These springtime skincare tips are the perfect way to do so.

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Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about springtime skincare, including what amazing benefits it could bring. Find out 10 amazing yet simple ways you can incorporate spring skin care tips into your routine.

Why Change Your Routine in the Springtime?

In the spring, many changes happen which can affect our skin barrier health. The skin barrier is the surface of the skin responsible for protecting us in many ways. It helps us fight pathogens, protects us from UV rays, and is essential for our temperature regulation, touch sensation, and many more functions.


Changing up your skin care products, applying them differently, or switching formulations can help your skin prepare for warmer months. Post-winter skin can come with a variety of issues, from flakiness to dryness to dullness. These springtime skin care tips are a great way to help you avoid any skin issues and give your skin carrier the boost it needs to glow with health and vibrancy.

10 Simple Yet Effective Springtime Skincare Tips

Here are some effective springtime skin care tips that can really help your skin be as healthy and happy as possible. It is important to make adjustments to your skincare routine as the seasons change to help support skin health.

1. Exfoliate 

Exfoliating is the process of removing the dead skin cells on the surface of our skin barrier. This excess of dead skin can cause flakiness, dryness, and irritation, so regular exfoliation is very important for skin health. One springtime skin care tip is to exfoliate. This should be done with a chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is hydrating, which can be a good option after the dryer winter months. Make sure you start slow and use low percentages when you first start exfoliating. Once to twice a week before moving up to about three times a week for exfoliation.

2. Lighten Products

After winter’s over, it may be time to switch out those thick occlusive moisturizers for lighter products. This can feel better for the skin, allowing it to breathe a bit more, especially when the weather turns warmer. Switch out your moisturizer for a lighter, gel-like consistency this springtime, and watch how your skin glows.

3. Spring Cleaning

It might be a good time to do a little bit of spring cleaning for your skin care products. Go through all the products you have and make sure they are still up to date. Using expired products can be very irritating for the skin, and may lead to inflammation, redness, and sensitivity. Make sure you check all your products and watch out for the little box with a certain number of months in it. For example, if you see a box with the phrase 12 months, that means it’s best to use that product within 12 months after opening.

4. Moisturize More

Even though you’re switching out your moisturizer for a lighter one, it might be beneficial to moisturize more often. This is because we want to heal the skin barrier from any lingering dryness or flakiness that can be an issue during dryer winter months. Moisturize a bit more in the morning and during your nighttime routine to truly support and repair the skin barrier to optimal health.

5. Add Micellar Water

Micellar water is a form of cleansing that can help break down hard to remove products on the face like waterproof sunblock or makeup. This can be a good addition during the warmer months, as we tend to use more waterproof products to combat any humidity in the air. A good hack is to add micellar water to your cleanser. This makes your cleanser better able to remove any product you need off at the end of the day.

6. Gently Cleanse

Speaking of cleansing, it’s important to either switch to or look for a gentle cleanser for the skin. Our skin may experience sensitivity from dryer, colder, and harsher months of winter. This means it’s essential to choose a cleanser that is balanced to your skin’s pH, one that does not cause sensitivity or dryness. Sometimes, gentle cleansers do not remove waterproof products. This is where the micellar water can help boost your gentle cleanse easily.

7. SPF it Up

Sometimes, it can be tempting to stop using SPF, especially when there is a lot of cloud coverage overhead. This is a mistake. UV rays from the Sun can still penetrate through cloud coverage. Even if it’s a bit cloudy or drizzly, ensure you still use sun protection.

8. Add Antioxidants

Adding antioxidants into your skincare routine can be a great way to boost skin health easily. Using something like vitamin C or E can help hydrate the skin. This can be added to your skincare routine in the form of a serum. Serums tend to be lighter and water-based, which means they won’t feel heavy on the skin. Make sure you seal in any good hydration and serums with a good moisturizer. 

9. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Speaking of antioxidants, it’s also very important to eat them. Fruits and vegetables are full of necessary antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help support skin health with ease. We are what we eat and what we eat becomes the building blocks that our body uses to repair and thrive. Make sure you are picking up some in-season fruits and vegetables to eat this spring to help boost skin health and full body health.

10. Hydrate Well

When we’re dehydrated, even our skin can feel tight. Dehydration is a huge issue as even slight dehydration can cause headaches, loss of concentration, trouble learning, and even dry skin. Make sure you are hydrating well in order to support your mental and physical wellbeing, along with your skin health.

The Takeaway

As the seasons change, so do our skin and our skin’s needs. It is important to switch up our routine a bit and try out some things that can help support skin health, especially during the spring. This is the time right after the dry, cold, harsh months of winter. The weather is warmer, it might be more humid or cloudy, and we should adjust our skincare routine accordingly. These springtime skincare tips are perfect in helping you switch up what you need to and reveal soft, glowing, healthy skin.

Remember that health comes from within. Eat nutritious food, exercise when you can, and take care of your mental health. Daily habits become the building blocks for emotional, mental, and physical health. Take care of your gut health too! Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here.

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