5 Soothing Affirmations to Calm the Mind and Body

Life can be full of difficult situations that burden our physical and mental health. Affirmations are a way to retrain the mind and improve positive self-talk. These soothing affirmations to calm the mind and body mind will help you cultivate inner peace in the most stressful times.

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Keep reading to find out the best soothing affirmations to calm the mind and body when you are going through a rough time. These affirmations are simple, yet very effective. Plus, check out the tips at the end to make any affirmation work for you.

What are Affirmations 

Affirmations are statements or phrases that can help rewire the mind. They work by reframing thoughts more positively and helpfully. While affirmations aren’t a quick fix, if used for long enough, they can create mental habits that have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. 

Affirmations can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and decrease fatigue. This is because when used correctly, they tend to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the body responsible for relaxation and rest. This will lower stress levels which will, in turn, decrease inflammation throughout the body and increase energy levels. 

Affirmations are also very beneficial to mental health. Constant stress is exhausting, and by reducing this, you will feel more motivated and clear-headed. Plus, focusing on solutions rather than problems will help reduce anxiety and depression, allowing you to react better to any issue that you may face.

5 Soothing Affirmations to Calm the Mind and Body

Without further ado, here are 5 soothing affirmations to calm the mind and body with ease! Try them out and check out the tips at the end to really get the best results.

1. There is time.

Many of us may feel that we are running out of time. There is this pressure to perform and get everything done as quickly as possible. It may feel like you are running out of time to do everything you need or want to do. This is not the case. There will always be time, it is the most abundant resource that we have. Use this affirmation to calm down any worries about running out of time. Believe that you can go at your own pace and still accomplish everything that you want and need to.

2. I do not have to be perfect to be worthy.

Perfection is and will always be out of reach. This is not something we should strive for as it can be very harmful to our mental health to try to be perfect. This affirmation can help you acknowledge that perfection is unnecessary for you to be whole. There is nothing that you need to get absolutely right in order to be worth more. You, just by existing, are already worthy of everything you desire and want to achieve.

3. My best is enough.

Along that same vein, whenever we try our best, know that it is enough. Even if our best does not result in success, doing what you can with the information and abilities you have is valid and vital. In any situation, try to do your best, and know that even if the result is not what you wanted, doing your best is what counts. This allows us to change, grow, and adapt to any situation that occurs.

4.  I can face any challenge I come across. 

This affirmation will help you focus on a can-do attitude that will help you in troubling or problematic situations. Acknowledging that we have the skills we need to try our best and succeed is important. If a challenge comes, be confident in yourself and know you will handle it to the best of your abilities. Start focusing on the things you can control instead of the things you can’t control. Remember that even if an outcome is not what we had imagined, there will always be more opportunities in the future.

5. Change is inevitable.

This is an affirmation that can help you acknowledge that change is always going to happen. While we may perceive change as scary sometimes, it can be a very good thing. Things will always change, situations end, begin, etc. This can be a good thing. Change can bring along new growth, new opportunities, a new situations that can be more beneficial. Even change that is perceived to be as bad, again, is simply an opportunity to rise to the occasion, learn, and change.

Tips to Make Affirmations Work for You

  • Mornings and Nights – use your affirmations in the morning as soon as you wake up as this can help set the tone for the day. Use your affirmations right before bed as well to sleep on these helpful lots.
  • Replace Negative Thoughts – affirmations can also be used to replace negative self-talk. If an unhelpful thought comes up, pause, let that thought go, and replace it with a more helpful reframed version. For example, if you have the thought, I will not do well in today’s presentation, you can stop, take a breath, and replace that thought with I will do my best in today’s presentation.
  • Write Them Down – writing down your affirmations is a good way to help record them in the mind.
  • Repetition is Key – saying your affirmations constantly, writing them down, putting them on sticky notes all over the house, and truly feeling out the words behind the affirmation are key to making them work. Repetition will create a habit that will be very beneficial to your mental and physical health.

The Takeaway

These soothing affirmations to calm the mind and body will help you conquer any challenge that you face throughout the day. Affirmations can help boost both physical and mental health easily, so start practicing them daily in order to gain all those amazing benefits.

Remember that health comes from within, so eat healthy, exercise when you can, and take care of your mental health. Good daily habits become good building blocks to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Try to take care of your gut health too! Get your complete guide to gut microbiota health for free here.

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