How to Grow Your Glute Muscles at Home with No Equipment – Top Tips for Gains without Pains

Glutes are not just for aesthetics; the glute muscles group is involved in everything from sitting to balance, to even standing! 

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And while we all want to increase our fitness and strength, not all of us have access to a gym, nor do we have at-home equipment.

Luckily, we don’t need a gym or at-home equipment to get the results we want. Here are easy tips to motivate you to get the results you want!

What are the Glute Muscles

The glutes are the muscles below the lower back and above the thighs, on the butt. They are needed for leg movement, jumping, sitting, walking, and even standing.

They consist of three main muscles:

Gluteus Maximus: the largest muscles of the glutes. It is responsible for the extension of the hips when you walk and the rotation of the thighs when you swing your legs.

Gluteus medius: it allows you to kick your leg out, step, and assist in balancing.

Gluteus minimus: this is the smallest of the glute muscles and is involved in walking and rotating.

How to Grow Your Glutes at Home

Here are the best tips and workouts to Grow your glutes with no equipment, no gym membership, no problem! 

1. Do One Legged Workout

Any workout you do should be with one leg. This increases the weight of one glute by double.

This means you can try one-legged squats, otherwise known as pistol squats. You can assist yourself up and down or sit from a chair, then rise on one knee. Modifications are necessary to build up to the required strength and prevent injury.

You can also try a one-legged glute bridge or one-legged bench dips.

2. Increase Range of Motion

Increasing the range of motion of your movements, going deeper, moving longer, is the best way to tear into your muscles to allow for bigger, stronger muscles to form.

For example, instead of doing a basic lunge, raise one leg on a chair and step up. This will let you go deeper and puts more of a challenge on your glutes.

You can also stand in front of a bench, then raise your leg behind you. Bend your front leg into a squat. This also increases the range of movement. 

3. Increase Repetitions

Increasing the repetitions of a set is a great way to reach failure, the point where you struggle and cannot complete a repetition.

The mind gives up before the body. This means you may have more to give during your workout sets. Try to push yourself safely, taking care to not overwork your muscles.

4. Add Exercise that Target the Glutes and only the Glutes

Exercises that target the glutes include one such as fire hydrants or glute bridges.

For fire hydrants, start on all fours with your arms directly below the shoulders and knees directly below the hips. Raise your leg to the side, keeping the knee bent at 90 degrees.

For glute bridges, start on your back with knees bent, and feet planted on the ground. Raise your glutes off the ground and lower.

These specifically challenge the muscle of the glutes and hips to complete the movement, with little use of the core and back.

Targeting the glutes in this way can help plump the muscle and strengthen it greatly! 

5. Eat Enough Protein

Understand that building muscle and losing weight are diametrically opposed. When the body is losing weight, it adjusts to less stored energy. As the body is gains muscle, it demands more energy.

When working out to gain muscle, you may gain weight as muscles are more challenging to develop, need more energy to maintain, and overall, muscle is heavier than body fat.

6. Post Workout Recovery

Any muscles that you push to the limit need time to recover. Have a good post-workout routine to support the body and allow it to build up strength and muscle.

This includes proper rest, eating well, hydrating properly, and even adopting some self-care!

The Takeaway 

You don’t need a gym to build up your glute muscles!

Building up glutes can help you walk better, improve balance, and perform daily tasks with ease. Doing exercises with one leg will double the amount of weight on the glutes and doing specific workouts to target the glutes really activate those muscles.

Increase range of motion and repetitions to really burn out the muscles and bring you to the point of failure. Remember to eat enough protein, hydrate well, and give your body time to recover.

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