10 Small Changes and Habits You Can Adopt to Improve Your Life Exponentially in 2022 

If New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick and habits are hard to build, should we just quit while we’re ahead?

Happiness comes from within, but it can sometimes feel elusive – Photo by Gian Cescon

Well, building habits and making changes to improve your life don’t have to be difficult; they don’t even have to be that big!

Micro-changes and micro-habits are tiny, small things you can adapt to improve your life. They are simple, easy, and best of all, well, easy.

Keep reading to find out the tiny habits that can kickstart your ideal life today!

Put Phone on Do Not Disturb at Night

Melatonin is the chemical in your body that regulates sleep. Your phone has blue light that prevents the activation of this chemical and disturbs your sleep cycles. 

Try to put away electronics at least 30 minutes before bed, putting them on do not disturb or even airplane mode.

This will ensure a random text from your friend doesn’t kick you out of dreamland. 

Move More

If you sit all day, it can be bad for your entire body. Set reminders to get up and move. Stretch your body and feel your muscles thank you. 

This can help improve your posture, reduce back pain, and increase blood circulation.

If you want, make it a dance break. Put on your favorite song and vibe. 

Make A Playlist to Workout With

Working out can seem like a chore.

Change this mentality little by little with the help of your favorite tunes. Running can now seem like an epic chase, lifting weight can be a boss fight. 


Walking Meditations

Meditation can seem tedious and make you restless. Instead, try to take walks to think.

Clear your mind, observe your surroundings. Make a walk feel like a nice break from your day-to-day routine. 

This can also be a very good exercise with many benefits including increased blood circulation, improved oxygenation to the brain, and increased heart health.

Be More Present

Being more present can have amazing benefits, including decreased stress, increased problem-solving skills, and reduced random intrusive thoughts.

This can even relieve depression and anxiety.

Being more present simply means paying more attention to now. What is stress but either worrying about the future or stressing about the past?

Be present by using your senses, what do you see, smell, hear touch, and yeah, even taste.

Learn to Listen More

This can improve your relationships incredibly.

In conversation, build on what the other person is saying instead of pivoting to topics you want.

We tend to hear our own voice the most, we tend to be firm in our position, and we pick a hill and die on it.

Get Rid of Clutter

In the lovely words of Marie Kondo Does this spark joy.

Use this for clothes, old nick nacks, and other things in your home.

Plus, it’ll feel pretty good to donate some of those things in your wardrobe you won’t ever wear.

Spend 5 minutes doing this a day, don’t make it a chore.

You can use this mentality to prevent yourself from buying that shirt you’ll never wear or that juicer you’ll only use once.

Learn to Make Large Tasks Manageable

Large tasks can make us procrastinate, they’re daunting, seem exhausting, and are as large as Goliath. 

Learn how to break them down into small, more manageable David sized tasks.

Take a large project and make it a step-by-step program. Take breaks in between as a treat.

Value Your Time

Your time is your most valuable asset. Every moment you use doing something you hate is a moment you can be doing something you love.

With this mind frame, learn to treat yourself to things you find valuable, loveable, or fun.

Remember, how you spend your time is who you are, how you’ll act; make sure what you do is helpful to you.

Ask More Questions

Learn to question everything. In doing so, you can develop yourself in many areas of your life, emotionally, financially, physically.

Remember to learn from people who know more than you, who have the life you want, who have the mentality you desire. 

Question what they did to reach that point, what the journey looked like, what their process was.

The Takeaway

Big changes: scary, hard to do, usually dropped.

Small changes: interesting, easy and simple, oh a bit fun!

There are micro changes you can make in your life that can improve overall wellness incredibly! Changes you can build into grander, healthier habits down the road.

Remember, health starts from within!

Small steps to improve your life, one day at a time.

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