20 Cozy Fall Habits to Make Your Day Brighter

Fall is a time of change, from hot to chilly, from vacationing by the beach to school and worktime overload. These cozy fall habits can help soothe the soul, ease stress, and brighten your day just enough to make you smile.

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Here are the best cozy fall habits you can add to your day to make it better. Improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness today with simple tips and daily changes.

Best Cozy Fall Habits to Make Your Day Brighter

Here are the absolute best cozy fall habits you can add to your daily routine guaranteed. Some habits are small changes to your living space, some are self-care habits, and some are for the body and mind. Try them out and watch how wellbeing flourishes.

For Your Body

These cozy habits are sure to make you feel comforted, warm, and toasty.

1. Use Lotion With Fall Scents

Fall scents are perfect this time of year and using them with moisturizer is a perfect way to bring clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg aromas with you always. Look for hand creams, body lotions, or even perfume with these warm, inviting scents. 

2. Apply Extra

Speaking of, since the weather is getting colder and less humid, it’s important to use more lotion and moisturizer than you usually do. Pack on an extra heavy hand to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

3. Bubble Baths 

Bubble baths are a great way to romanticize everyday life, but are particularly nice in the fall to help you rinse off the chill of the day. Bonus points for moisturizing within minutes of finishing your bath!

4. Enjoy Natural Light

Try to enjoy natural sunlight more often this season. The days are shorter so it is important to enjoy the light while the sun is shining. Take in some sunlight in the morning for an extra boost of energy, according to science!

5. Stop and Smell the Flowers

Mindful moments train the brain to stop the constant stressful thoughts and relax in the moment. Stop for some moments daily and take in your surroundings.

Cozy Fall Nutrition

Cozy habits can be good for you!

6. Make a Warm Beverage 

There’s nothing better than warming your fingers by holding a warm mug. Make yourself some tea or coffee this fall and try to use seasonal flavors. Use cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, apple, hazelnut, or any other you’re craving.

7. Add Extra Warm Spices

A super simple cozy habit this fall is to include those warm autumn spices more in general. In fact, many of those spices like cinnamon, are very good for the body, with benefits such as improving insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar, and antioxidant properties.  

8. Pumpkin it Up

Pumpkins, and their seeds, are a great addition to your diet due to their high levels of fiber vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, once you carve a pumpkin, you don’t want to waste the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are so good for us, they really should be considered a superfood. 

9. Roast Marshmallows

Nothing is cozier and softer than roasting marshmallows over an open fire. It’s nostalgic, warm, and a good excuse to make smores! If you don’t have a fire, no worries! A good candle can do the job, and though it takes longer, it is much funnier. I’ve tried it and smores are still gooey and delicious.

10. Seasonal Fruits

Make sure you are trying to add seasonal fruit (and vegetables) to your meals. A lot, such as squash, sweet potatoes, persimmons, apples, etc., are extra tasty this time of year.

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For a Room

Here are some small changes that you can incorporate into a room for a nice autumn vibe.

11. Get a Fluffy Rug

A fully, warm rug can change the atmosphere of a living room in seconds. Take the time to make the room more inviting and add a soft addition to your floors!

12. Dim the Lights

Since the sun is setting a bit earlier, it may be a habit to turn on all the lights in the house to make up for it. Instead, embrace soft dim lighting to enhance a warm and cozy mood this autumn. It can also help regulate your biological clock, helping you sleep deeper at night.

13. Light a Candle

Try and light a candle, especially one with nice fall scents. Lighting a candle can help add natural light at the end of the day too.

14. Decorate with Fall Things

Your home can become an autumn wonderland simply by decorating it with candles, pretty leaves, and shades of orange, brown, beige, and forest green. Add some pumpkins too, particularly those adorable little ones.

15. Throw a Blanket Down

A room with a giant soft blanket vs a room without a giant soft blanket; which one do you want to cozy up with a book in? Add a blanket to any space that you want to create a soothing environment in!

Cozy Fall Mental Wellness

Finally, here are some mental wellbeing daily habits

16. Unwind without Technology

A constant use of technology, particularly in the evening, has been linked to negative mental health, anxiety, and a decrease in dopamine. Try to take moments without the technology more this fall.

17. Journal in Autumn Colors

Journaling is an activity that can raise mental health greatly. Try making it more autumn-themed and decorate with colors of fall, like orange forest green, mahogany, and shades of brown.

18. Revisit Intentions

If you did a fall reset, or if you journal with goal setting, you might want to take some time and look back on these intentions and purposes. Check in with yourself, celebrate your progress, and make changes if needed.

19. Connect with Loved Ones

Reach out to the people you love a little more often this fall. Feel loved and appreciated by the important people in your life and make sure they feel ok too.

20. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude 

Try and develop an attitude of gratitude this season for an extra boost of happiness. Journal with appreciation, say them out loud, or simply look and acknowledge things in your life you are grateful for. 

The Takeaway

These cozy fall habits are key to improving mental and physical wellbeing. The habits themselves are simple and easy to add to your day and will be perfect for a soft, gentle vibe.

Remember health starts from within, eat well but treat yourself, exercise when you can, but take rest days,  and take care of your mental wellbeing. Don’t forget about microbiota health too! Microbiota affects the entire body, from metabolism to muscles, from mental health to immune health, and more! Get all the resources you need about microbiota health for free here!

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