A Simple 60-Minute Self-care Routine Sure to Make You Smile

Self-care is the act of doing something for yourself that is meant to improve your life. It can be something small that makes you happy, like getting yourself a coffee, or something big that increases wellbeing, like drinking a nutritional green smoothie. This simple yet effective 60-minute self-care routine is a great way to improve your life without increasing expense. 

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Self-care is not selfish – source

This is a 5-step, 60-minute routine that is a great way to treat yourself. It might not be daily, as not everyone has 60 free minutes, but you can do this on days when you need a little more care. You can even pick the steps you want to do, or cut down the time of each step to fit your schedule. 

Try it out and see how amazing you feel afterward!

60-Minute Self-care Routine

Here is the best 60-minute self-care routine around! Again, you can modify it as you see fit, adding or reducing time, or even just doing 2 or 3 steps! Do the complete 60-minute self-care routine for maximum benefit.

1. Soft Movement – 15 minutes

Start your self-care routine with 15 minutes dedicated to soft, static movement. This is a movement that does not necessarily get the heart rate pumping but does help the muscles of the body unwind.

Do some stretching or even restorative yoga, with an emphasis on flexing the muscles with care, slowly and softly. Focus only on the present moment, noticing where you feel tension, checking out what places you hold stress, and where you need extra attention to relax.

2. Skincare – 10 minutes

Skincare has been and always will be self-care. You don’t need a 12-step routine to have nice healthy skin. Check out this simple science-based skincare routine that should target any concerns. 

The importance of skincare is simply to support the skin and help it do what it’s meant to do, protect our insides.

Having pretty, glowing skin is just a bonus consequence.

3. Reading – 15 minutes

Do some reading for 15 minutes. This can be a book to expand the mind, like a book on growth, a memoir, or even a self-help book.

Heck, even read fiction if that puts you in a happy state.

Try not to pick up anything angst or tragic, as reading books of this nature is a bummer. Just like how if you listen to a sad song, you’ll feel sad, reading something depressing may cause you to empathize and reflect on those feelings. It’s important for self-care to leave you in a better mental state.

4. Go for a Walk – 15 minutes

Daily exercise has great effects on the mind, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Even better is going for a walk outdoors as exposure to nature also increases happiness and improves mood.

Go for a 15 minute mindful walk to add health benefits and mental wellbeing benefits to your self-care routine!

5. Journal – 5 minutes

Journaling is a great way to declutter the mind, sort through worries, explore feelings, and plan out goals.

Take the last couple of minutes of your self-care routine to write out what’s on your mind with some journaling! 

Need some inspiration? Check out these journal prompts to get that pen moving and ink flowing!

Daily Self-care Tips

Here are some quick tips to make self-care work for you outside of a 60-minute routine! Write them out daily. 

  • Make small daily actions of self-care – even treating yourself to coffee can count
  • Practice efficient self-care – without taking too much time out of your day, make it a point to do something for yourself. Would lighting a candle make you happy? Do it. Took 5 seconds and now you’re vibing with some nice scent. 
  • Remember self-care is not selfish – being in a better state of mind can actually help you care about others more
  • Anything can be self-care – those deep breaths you just took? Yeah, that can count.

The Takeaway

Self-care is vital to avoid feeling distressed or burnt out. This 60-minute self-care routine is sure to improve mood and overall wellbeing exponentially.

Wellbeing is a state of being that is made up of physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Micro-habits and actions you take daily all add up to overall wellbeing. 

Remember that health starts from within! Eat well to give your body the building blocks it needs to thrive, grow, and be well. Check out the 8 dimensions of wellness and how to tend to each too! Get regular exercise, and do things for mental wellbeing like meditation or breathing exercises!

Never forget about gut microbiota health! The gut microbiome should be balanced to support healthy skin, muscle growth, mental health, and even a good metabolism! Get all the resources you need to take care of gut health, like what foods to eat, which ones to avoid, and much more for free here!

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