Cloves – A Complete Guide to the Amazing Health Benefits

When you think of cloves, the first thing that may come to mind is seasonal desserts and a warm spicy taste. While commonly used in many recipes, cloves actually have many other benefits for our overall health and wellbeing.

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Keep reading to find out the surprising health benefits of cloves, including dosages, how to include them in your daily diet, and much more!

What are Cloves

Cloves are a spice that comes from the Syzygium aromaticum tree, native to islands in Indonesia. They are aromatic flower buds that are commonly used in savory dishes like soups as well as sweet desserts like pie. While adding a lot of flavor, this spice is also high in many properties that contribute to amazing health benefits.

Health Benefits of Cloves

Without further ado, here are 10 amazing and surprising health benefits of cloves. Learn exactly how this spice can help us improve our health and common ways to eat them today.

1. Great Source of Nutrients

Cloves are very high in many nutrients that are beneficial for our body. They are high in manganese, a vital mineral important in bone health and brain function. Cloves are one of the best sources of manganese, as a small amount provides about 55% of your daily requirements.

2. Full of Antioxidants

Aside from vitamins and minerals, cloves have many antioxidants, which are compounds that fight off the negative effects of free radicals. Antioxidants can also help reduce oxidative stress which can in turn reduce our risk of disease and illness. Cloves contain eugenol, which is an antioxidant that is also found in nutmeg, cinnamon, and bay leaf. It can help further reduce oxidative stress that may cause chronic illness.

3. Lower Inflammation

The properties of cloves also mean that it is a good option to fight inflammation. They can lower the risk of detrimental diseases such as arthritis by reducing the body’s inflammatory response. Inflammation is one of the main causes of many diseases in the body, so taking steps to limit or reduce inflammation is key to a healthy life.

4. Improve Liver Function

Many studies found that cloves have the potential to help your liver function optimally. It works due to the eugenol found in this spice. This compound can help reduce fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis. This is vital as the liver is responsible for many metabolic processes including breaking down substances, converting energy, and detoxifying the body. 

5. Antimicrobial

On top of helping a vital organ, cloves have antimicrobial properties that may potentially reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. Some studies have found that combining this spice with dental hygiene helped improve oral health exponentially. This is particularly useful when there is a sore tooth, as applying some clove oil may reduce inflammation and the chances of infection.

6. May Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Cloves may reduce the risk of cancer in individuals this is due to its nutritional properties and antioxidants. It works by reducing cell damage in the body, however, more research has to be done in order to find out the effect of this spice in humans and the dosage needed for such benefits. 

7. Boosting Bone Health

Cloves boost bone health due to their nutritional properties. The high amount of manganese in cloves is important to bone health and the formation of healthy bones. Additionally, the antioxidants found in the spice are important in reducing inflammation that may be detrimental to bone health. Plus, eugenol can improve bone mass, leading to less risk of osteoporosis.

8. Regulate Blood Sugar

This spice can help your body regulate blood sugar. A dose of 250 mg of clove extract helps lower blood glucose after consuming meals. Additionally, other components in cloves help cells uptake sugar more optimally and use it. The properties of the spice were even found to support the function of cells that make insulin. Insulin is the compound that is released into the bloodstream after you eat. Its job is to move the sugar from the blood and place it where it needs to go.

9. Treating Ulcers

Ulcers are sores that can form in the lining of the stomach, esophagus, or gastrointestinal tract. New research has found that clove oil may help reduce the bacteria that trigger these ulcers. However, these studies are preliminary, and more research needs to be done in order to find out if this can be beneficial in humans.

10. Treating High Blood Pressure

Cloves are a spice that has been found to treat high blood pressure. This is due to its special eugenol components, as it acts as a natural vasodilator. It helps to relax and widen blood vessels which can reduce high blood pressure and lessen the strain on your cardiovascular system.

Dosage of Cloves

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Eugenol is not good in high amounts, so it is important not to overdo it on the cloves.

You can take this spice topically by mixing 10 drops into a carrier oil such as rosehip or coconut. Another option is to use a couple of drops in a spray or diffuser. For individuals who want the dental benefits of clove, you can apply the oil to a cotton ball and place it on any sore tooth you have. In food, simply add a couple of cloves to your savory soups or desserts. Some individuals enjoy making pumpkin soup, pies, or sausage with this spice. Finally, a common way to consume cloves is to simmer the cloves in water for 5 minutes to make a cup of tea. This can also help reduce nausea.

The Takeaway

Cloves are not just a tasty addition to a meal or dessert. This spice has many benefits that can contribute to living a longer healthier, happier life. Try them out and see how wellness improves today.

Remember that health comes from within. Eat healthy, nutritious meals, exercise daily, and take care of your mental health. Daily habits become the building blocks for emotional, mental, and physical health. Take care of your gut health too! Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here.

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