How to Stay Fit at Home – 7 Work From Home Wellness Habits to Try Daily

A lot of us are still working from the comfort of home, which is both a blessing and a curse. It is very easy to pick up bad habits when you can do them all day long. Introducing work from home wellness, straightforward tips you can incorporate daily to stay healthy, happy, and strong.

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And I love working from home. Do I save on gas and enjoy the extra time, yes. Enjoy the ease of rolling out of bed and being ready to go? Yup. However, working from home lends itself to adopting very bad habits very quickly and very effortlessly. I found myself doing things I should not be doing that were detrimental to wellbeing.

Here’s how to fix those bad habits and turn them into good habits!

Work from Home Wellness

Here are the easy yet effective tips you can incorporate if you work from home today!

Start with Some Movement

Try to start the day with some healthy movement to get blood flowing and center the mind. Exercise is not a replacement for therapy, but it is a way to relax the mind, increase feel-good chemicals, and can transform the way you view yourself and the world. There’s alot of ways to move too!

Try out a home workout. There are many available online for free, which is perfect for a work from home environment. This can be a quick and intense HIIT workout, a weighted workout, or even some calisthenics

Don’t feel like pushing yourself too much first thing in the morning? No problem! Try some stretching or yoga instead. The goal is movement and any movement is good movement.

Plus, yoga can cause physical changes in the brain that improve overall wellbeing exponentially! Check out how and try this morning yoga routine today.

Get a Standing Desk

Standing is one of those activities you don’t really think about. While you may not think you’re doing much, a standing desk can improve posture and use more energyOne study found that back pain and neck pain were reduced significantly with the use of a standing desk. Another found a lowered risk of heart disease.

People with a standing desk also report less fatigue, and a happier, more joyous mood. Don’t overdo it though. Just like sitting all day is bad for you, standing all day is not ideal. Mix in both throughout the day for tremendous benenfit. 

Invest in a Walking Pad

As opposed to just standing, try investing in a walking pad and getting your movement in while you work!

Walking is an underrated but amazing workout that has incredible benefits.

These are mini treadmills that allow you to walk in place and exercise while you do work, which would otherwise be a stationary activity. Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for one though, just take more breaks and make them walking breaks.

Take More Breaks

Productivity does not increase if you work through the entire day with no breaks. Breaks, or periods of rest and leisure, have been shown to increase mental wellbeing, improve productivity, and increase a positive relationship with work!

Make your breaks even better by making them walking breaks. If possible, go outside, look at nature, and walk around under the sky. Nature has a delightful effect on mental wellbeing and mood.

Stay Hydrated

Remember to stay hydrated during the day! Drink only when you’re thirsty, but remember, the signals for thirst in the body can be subtle. Many of us may ignore thirst because we don’t have water at hand.

Fill up a bottle or cup of water and have it on hand for when you feel a bit parched. You can spice it up by adding flavors, lemons, or electrolyte packs.

Practice Mindful Eating

Try to practice mindful eating, or eating with intention, during your work from home day. 

Many of us (cough, cough @me) may eat, not because we’re hungry, but because we’re bored. Yes, I confess, this was a horrible habit I developed that only got worse working from home. 

Eat your meals mindfully, taking the time to savor and enjoy the meal.

Snack less often, but if you do snack, make sure it is a healthy, beneficial snack! We tend to grab what is easiest and quickest, which is usually a bag of chips. Instead, have healthy snacks at the ready.

Quick Reminders for Work from Home Wellness

Here are some reminders for work from home wellness that just make sense.

  • You don’t have to incorporate all 7 habits, you can pick a couple and that will already set you up for success. Don’t make them a chore.
  • As you start to feel better and happier, you might feel like picking up a couple more habits. Awesome.
  • Remember to go out and touch some grass every now and then. Nature has amazing psychological and mental benefits.
  • Make sure you are keeping up with your loved ones and getting healthy social interaction.
  • Feel gratitude and joy that you are even taking the time to do this for yourself, you deserve it!

The Takeaway

Working from home wellness is easy to add to your busy workday and can make it better.

Remember that movement is important, even in a stationary job. Start the day with a workout or some stretching to really gear you up for success. It can be an intense routine or a soft yoga session. Check-in with your energy levels for the day and go from there.

Get a standing desk, as this can improve posture and increase positive mood while reducing the detrimental effects of sitting like back pain and heart disease.

Try to incorporate a walk into your day as well. This can improve fitness, mood, and productivity greatly. If possible, try out a walking pad even though it is not necessary. Take breaks, as resting during the workday can actually ensure you get more done. During these breaks, go for a walk, enjoy nature, and take time for yourself.

Eat mindfully, as this will prevent mindless eating and truly appreciate the food you are consuming.

Check out any of these tips to improve overall wellbeing one day at a time! Remember that health starts from within. Small habits and changes can result in big improvements when done consistently.

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