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Simple, Yet Easy to Do Habits Inspired by the Mediterranean Lifestyle

Our actions, thoughts, and reactions make us who we are, therefore it is important to cultivate good habits that impact us positively. Daily habits make up our wellbeing, emotional, physical, and mental. Tuscan wellness tips are amazing, but these inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle can do so much for health, even helping you live longer and be stronger.

A Mediterranean lifestyle is a state of mind – source

Here are simple habits inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle sure to boost health, improve mental wellbeing, and even increase lifespan!

What is the Mediterranean 

More than just a meal plan, the Mediterranean consists of the region surrounding the mediterranean sea. This includes the coast of countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, and many more. The coastal regions are influenced by the climate, food, and culture of the area. It’s home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world, often called an incubator of Western civilization.

The Mediterranean is also a part of the 5 blue zones, geographical areas of the world with less chronic illness and a longer life span.

What is a Mediterranean Lifestyle

A Mediterranean lifestyle involves adapting various habits from the region, including food habits, mental health habits, and fitness habits. The tips on this list are designed to be easy to incorporate into a busy life and to bring more wellness.

While aspects of a Mediterranean diet are beneficial to health, as this eating style has been found to increase heart health, a Mediterranean lifestyle also involves adopting different mental and emotional habits. 

Mediterranean Lifestyle Wellness Habits 

Without further ado, here are some Mediterranean lifestyle habits sure to boost overall wellness easily! They are divided into categories, so choose a couple of habits from each section to get a range of tips that can help you daily.

Eating Habits

The Mediterranean diet has long been a gold standard when it comes to nutrition. Here is a list of 15 things to eat if you want to replicate a blue zone eating plan, but the Mediterranean diet is simple.

It focuses on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seafood, and healthy fats. In general, look for more whole foods including nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit while avoiding processed foods with a lot of added sugar. Eat a moderate amount of dairy products, wine, and poultry, and try to avoid red meat, added sugars, liquors, and beers.

Overall, remember that the Mediterranean diet is high in plant-based foods, moderate in animal products, and supplies a good amount of healthy fats like olive oil and avocados. Plus, try to eat fish about 2 to 3 times a week to get those omega-3 oils and protein in!

Social Habits

Part of a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle involves sharing your life with others. Make sure you reach out to friends and family, as there is a huge emphasis on unity in this region. Share meals, visit each other, and reach out when you need help.

There is joy in being connected to the ones you love and admire. Try to reach out more often, visit, and share time together. Surround yourself with people that care about you deeply. This makes your social life, and mental health, much richer and joyous. 

Mental Habits

Mental habits that come with a Mediterranean lifestyle include resting when you need to, or even taking a nap in a healthy way. Check out this complete guide on how to nap like a pro, but besides sleeping during the day, it is also important to prioritize sleep at night.

A Mediterranean lifestyle includes a good nighttime routine. Sleeping during the night is essential to wellbeing. A lot of restorative processes happen at night, meaning that just napping is not going to replace sleep. Other simple and sweet mental habits of a Mediterranean lifestyle include mindfulness, breathing deep and taking in the sights, or connecting with nature a bit more. You don’t have to find a forest; even just appreciating the sunlight from your window can boost mental wellbeing and bring in health benefits.

Fitness Habits

Truly, a Mediterranean lifestyle has to include moving naturally and effortlessly. This might be easier in this region, as in some locations, many places are within walking distance. This means you get your steps in while going to your destination. Plus, there is an emphasis on walking, meaning public transportation is common and reliable. 

In societies more fueled by cars though, there are habits you can start. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also try parking farther away from the entrance of the building you are going into, or looking into parks and nature trails near you. Plus, fitting fitness into your day naturally is a good way to train the mind to actually like exercising.

Simplicity Habits

Part of this lifestyle includes living simply and laughing often. Many places along the mediterranean sea value gratitude and appreciate the simple things in life. Take note of those things in your life, the taste of your favorite cup of tea, the company of friends, the thrill you get when it rains outside.

Simplicity habits can even translate to meals. Give yourself permission to minimize meal time and eat simple dishes that still bring a lot of nutrition to your life. Try out a smoothie, make your own oat milk, or try out a simple healthy pizza dough. Simplicity means looking at things you take for granted, feeling gratitude for them, and finding ways to make your day brighter.

The Takeaway

A Mediterranean lifestyle can be a game changer as it involves daily habits that increase overall health and wellbeing. Use this guide to add simple things to make your day better and your mind and body stronger, happier, and healthier.

Remember that health starts from within, so eat well most of the time, exercise when you can, and take care of your mental health. Take care of gut health too since our microbiota health affects metabolism, the muscles, the immune system, digestion, skin health, and more! Get all the resources you need about microbiota health for free here!

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