How to Romanticize the Summer – 30 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Life

Romanticizing your life started as a trend and has since transformed into a tangible form of self-care. It has the benefits of teaching us mindfulness, appreciation, and how to find joy in the little things. Since the season is getting hotter, it’s important to find out how to specifically romanticize the summer months!

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Summer is a time for fun – source

Learn how to romanticize the summer with this list of activities, habits, and hobbies today! This simple list of 30 ways can help you get the most out of your summer and enjoy life much more.

What is Romanticizing Life

Ok, so how do you actually do it? Romanticizing life is not about buying new things and drinking lattes (though that can be a part of it). It is a form of self-care. While it started as a trend online, it has become more etched in learning to appreciate and find happiness in the life you have. 

Life can remain more or less the same, but what you focus on changes. It has more to do with appreciating the little things, doing more for yourself, and finding joy. During the summer, there are specific ways you can act, habits you can start, or activities you can incorporate easily. Learn how to romanticize the summer below!

How to Romanticize the Summer

This trend is all about focusing on the positive and doing things that make you happy. Here are 30 ways to romanticize the summer. They are broken down into simple daily habits, self-care ways, food and drink, trips, and more! This makes it easier to pick the ones you want to focus on.

Daily Habits

Here are some simple daily habits you can do!

1. Light a Seasonal Candle

To usher in the new season with love, try changing up your candles to match! Instead of winter pine scents or florals, try some summer scents like lime, coconut, salt, rosemary, and fruit. It’s a simple way to set the mood at home, and appreciate little changes that can have a big impact on mood.

2. Go Outside More

Summer can be a great time to go outside. Eat lunch outside, take a walk, or just sit and meditate for a while! It’s important to take in the sun for vitamin D, but make sure you are protected! Use protective clothing and sunblock if you plan to be out for more than 10 minutes.

3. Hat it Up

Hats are protective clothing against the sun that can look amazing. Spice up your outfit with a summer hat to bring up the vibes.

4. Stay Hydrated in Style

Romanticize the summer with hydration. Use summer flavors like coconut and lemon in water, add florals to ice cubes, and deck out your water for the summer to stay hydrated in style! 

5. Midday Movement

Do some light stretching or yoga in the middle of the day to keep energy levels up and health in optimal condition. Midday movement can be done by a window to bring in some natural sunlight into the room. 

image of a person by the window for selfcare romanticize the summer
Self-care in the summer – Self-care Romanticizing

These tips focus on taking care of yourself in the summer. 

6. Change Up Your Skincare

As the weather changes, so should your skincare. Here is a complete guide to summer skincare, but in essence, try to go lighter on the moisturizer, heavier on the sunblock, and try out different things for more benefits. Check out this underrated skincare ingredient that is sure to transform the skin for a nice summer glow.

7. Gua Sha

Romanticize the summer with some light facial massages. While gua sha might be a bit overhyped as it won’t change the look of your face, it does have good benefits. Gua sha can help depuff the face by draining lymph fluid, reducing tension in the jaw, and increasing blood circulation which in turn boosts nutrients to the skin. Check out a complete guide here.

8. Bubble Baths

Usually, take showers? Try out a bath, with bubbles, candles, mood lighting, etc! Really warm up the bath experience and enjoy yourself for a night. Bubble baths are great because you can even add essential oils, scents, or even a bath bomb to improve the experience!

9. Unplug More Often

Take more time to be present and mindful during the long days of summer and unplug more. Eat without watching a show, take some time to meditate, read a bit before bed, etc. Give your mind a break to relax and unwind.

10. Say Thank You to You

Take time to say thank you to yourself. Did you treat yourself, make some yummy food, or do a hobby you like? Say thank you to yourself for enjoying and providing what you need!


Here are some nutritional ways to romanticize the summer!

11. Make Flavored Waters

Nothing is better than water with a slight taste of summer, like strawberry, cucumber, or lemon. Infuse your water with fruits and flavor for a refreshing and healthy summer drink.

12. Try Bright Smoothies

Green smoothies are great and all, but summertime is an amazing time to spice things up and opt for different colors! For example, by blending milk, coconut, mango, spirulina, and avocado, you can make a delicious and pretty teal-colored smoothie! Or try a pink drink with strawberries, yogurt, mango, kiwi, and dragonfruit!

13. Make Flavored Ice Cubes

Flavored ice cubes look cute, are refreshing, and serve a purpose. You can make coffee or tea ice cubes to prevent your drinks from being diluted, which will improve the flavor of drinks.

14. Visit a Famer’s Market

Nothing says summer like a farmer’s market. Check out a local farmers market for that fresh produce, full of nutrients and organic. If it seems outside of your budget, set aside some cash for specific things you truly want to treat yourself with, like freshly picked berries or honey.

15. Treat Yourself to a Homemade Meal

Take the time to cook for yourself from scratch once and a while! It’ll be more nutritious and will taste better after all the effort you put into it.

image of someone jumping into a lake as an activity to romanticize the summer
Summer fun – Activities 

Here are some activities sure to romanticize the summer.

16. Go Cloud Watching

Nothing like getting a blanket, going out to a sunny place with a shady patch of land and staring at the clouds. Take this moment to relax, meditate, breathe deeply, and chill.

17. Revamp Your Style

Toss out the winter gear for shorts, dresses, florals, and light clothing! Change the boots for a new pair of sandals and celebrate the warmer times.

18. Go for Morning Jogs

Morning is a great time to exercise, especially outdoors. It shouldn’t be too hot, nor should the sun be blazing away. Plus, morning sunlight can even help you sleep better at night!

19. Book store it Up 

Escape the heat by going into a bookstore and judging books by their cover. That’s right. Grab a book that grabs your attention by the cover and browse through it! Just have a fun day looking through pretty books and relaxing.

20. Book it to a Museum

Museums are another great way to get out of the heat and into a cozy art mood. Summer is a great time to hit up a museum as they usually have longer hours and cool art installations.

Romantic Hobbies

Want hobbies that usher in summertime fun? Here you go.

21. Grow Herbs

Herbs are fun and easy to grow in the summer and have a perfect warm-weather aesthetic. Best of all, you’ll have some yummy herbs to add to your meals! Garnishing meals with fresh herbs will make you want to eat them even more.

22. Weekly Flowers

Make it a habit to either collect flowers weekly, plant some at home, or visit your local florist. It’s a great way to vibe up your living space. Enjoy the scents, colors, and moods the flowers set.

23. Writing Letters

What’s cuter than sending out handwritten letters to people you love and appreciate? Make stationery a hobby and start sending out correspondence. Bonus points if you get a letter back.

24. Outdoor Yoga

Try out yoga outdoors for some more benefits from nature and movement! Do it early in the morning or later in the evening to make sure it’s not too hot!

25. Tree Climbing

Did you ever climb a tree, pretending to be a great explorer when you were young? Let’s do it again. Yup, we’re bringing tree climbing back this summer. Go to a park, pick a tree that looks climb-able, and get up there!

image of someone by a classic car, romanticize the summer with a trip
Aesthetic summer trips – Trips to Romanticize Summer

Here are some ways to romanticize the summer that need a bit more planning, but are worth it.

26. Beach Day

A beach day is the perfect mix of sun, sand, and water. Plan a beach day, bring watermelon and drinks, and enjoy the sun! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

27. Camping (or Glamping)

Get a bit more of the great outdoors and spend a night in a tent! You can go all out and visit a wilderness park, or even just camp in your own backyard. Don’t like camping? Glamp. Bring everything you need, from an inflatable bed to a smores kit. 

28. Escape to a Small Town

Romanticize summer nights and long drives. Plan a road trip to a small town with friends and spend the days and nights exploring!

29. Eat Somewhere New

Plan to go to a new place to eat. Make it somewhere you’ve been wanting to go but just haven’t made the time. Summer days are long and perfect for a new dining experience.

30. Go to a Drive-in Movie

It’s classic, it’s unique, and it’s fun. Look up a place to try out a drive-in movie at! Even better if it’s a drive away as you can plan to explore the area and enjoy the trip.

The Takeaway

It is easy to romanticize the summer if you know how. Best of all, these are simple ways to incorporate mental health benefits into your day. 

By breaking them down into categories of romanticizing summer, you can pick the ones that fit into your daily life with ease. Life can be magical if you take the time to notice it.

Remember that health comes from within, so eat well, exercise daily, and care for your mental health. Let your daily habits become the building blocks for emotional, mental, and physical health. Take care of your gut health too! Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here.

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