10 Amazing Wellness Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

While holidays can be stressful, you always have the option to nourish and take care of your wellness. Holiday stress is common, but you can thrive during the holiday with these wellness tips.

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Holidays should be a time for fun, not stress – source

Check out these ten simple ways to take care of your wellbeing and wellness this holiday season today!

What is Wellness

Wellness is the state of being well. We are supposed to feel good in our minds and body, and feel healthy, happy lives. Wellness requires taking action to nourish wellbeing, both physical and mental.

Check out the 8 dimensions of wellness today and small habits to help you live a better life daily.

10 Wellness Tips to Survive the Holidays

Wellness deserves a special kind of catering during the holidays. Holiday stress is a common source of negative feelings that can cause problems if not managed correctly.

Traveling, meeting new people, going to different areas, unrealistic expectations, and much more can all cause holiday stress.

1. Make a plan beforehand.

Making a plan beforehand is very important to manage stress and expectations. A plan will allow you to think less about what you need to do, where to go, what to buy etc. This will give you more time to enjoy the holidays.

2. Remember to set boundaries.

Give yourself the boundaries you need to be well this holiday season. Allow yourself to say no if needed, excuse yourself from the area, and express your feelings.

3. Practice eating with mindfulness.

Allow yourself to enjoy the foods you love this holiday season. Take time to savor the food, treats, and drinks you have. Eat slowly, with gratitude, and mindfully. Eating in this way will allow you to enjoy the food without binging.

4. Get enough rest.

Holidays sometimes feel like a sprint, though they should be treated like a marathon. Making a plan can allow you to plan in rest as well. Even just sleeping enough can let you feel better and enjoy the season. Experiencing poor sleep over a few days can impact mood, immune system, and overall wellbeing, so check out this guide to rest well!

5. Move daily.

Get moving a little bit daily, even during the holidays. Moving can mean a bit of stretching, yoga, or a brisk walk. Don’t worry about missing a gym session or workout. The holidays are a busy time to move when you can.

6. Don’t compare yourself.

It might be easy to compare yourself to someone that just started a business, just got married, or just had a child. Comparing yourself will only lead to anxiety and negative feelings.

7. Allow yourself to enjoy the vibes.

Try for some mindfulness in moments you like. Enjoy moments of peace, joy, and celebration. Stop thinking for a bit and start being.

8. Give yourself extra self-care.

As stress increases, so should self-care. Try small acts of self-care during the stressful holiday season. Try meditation, going to a class you enjoy, or listening to music.

9. Be prepared for drama.

If you know your cousins always fight, if you know Aunt May is going to start drama, if you get a little confrontational, it happens, it’ll be ok. Be prepared, however, for the drama. Anticipating it can make it less easy to hurt your feelings or be shocked.

10. Make achievable new year’s resolutions.

Most people give up on new year’s resolutions before February hits. Give yourself achievable goals in wellness that can keep you on track. They can be something small like doing yoga once a week, making a green smoothie daily, or exercising twice a week.

The Takeaway

Use these 10 wellness tips to make the holiday season better. Health starts from small habits and changes that have a huge impact on wellness.

Remember to practice self-care, make a plan, set boundaries, enjoy the moment, and practice some mindfulness. Set good new year goals, and prepare for drama, if needed.

Move daily, nourish your body, and take care of gut health always. Did you know about 90% of serotonin, the chemical responsible for good moods, is made in the gut? Gut health even affects muscle, skin health, and metabolism, so check out these free resources to fix gut health easily today!

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