Summer Glow Up Tips You Need to Try – Ultimate Glow Up Guide

As the seasons change, so do we. Maintaining the same goals we had in the winter or spring may not be practical or effective. It’s important to readjust and evaluate to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally. Summer glow up tips can help you keep up the habit of being the best version of yourself.

Summer is for sun and fun – source

Remember that any journey is about the ride, not the destination. In fitness, in skincare, and life in general, the important thing is progress, not perfection. Check out these simple and practical summer glow-up tips that can help keep the vibes right this season!

Why Summer Tips Differ

Summer is a time for sun, fun, and change. The weather may be hotter, the days are longer, and the atmosphere is different from winter, fall, or spring. It is essential to evaluate and make small changes to keep wellbeing up. That is where this guide comes in. Use these summer glow up tips to experience the ultimate glow up challenge. Plus, check out this guide to romanticizing the summer.

Ultimate Summer Glow Up Challenge

Here is a simple guide for a summer glow-up without further ado! Try these tips out and watch how wellness flourishes. They are separated by physical, emotional, and mental health, so try some out in each category.

Physical Glow Up

Want a physical summer glow up? Look no further.

1. Skincare

As the weather changes, so should your skincare. Skin is more likely to break out in the summer, so switch to an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer. Plus, it’s essential to use more sunscreen and reapply more often as the sun is more intense and you are more likely to sweat off SPF.

2. Haircare

Haircare is also vital in the summer. With more heat and humidity, it is important to protect the hair with good products and upkeep. You should even protect the scalp from UV rays by wearing a hat, which can even keep moisture in. Try to reduce heat use from irons or hair dryers in the summer as well, as this can prevent damaging dry hair.

3. Exercise 5x a Week

A great glow up tip is to exercise a bit more this summer. Days are longer, you have more light to burn and can get more out of the sun. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense hour-long gym sessions. Try out some bodyweight workouts like push-ups or squats. You can even work up to a push-up or pull-up with easier variations. You can even do softer movements like yoga, a silly little walk, swimming, dancing, or even gardening!

4. Drink More Water

Hydration is key for wellbeing. Even cases of slight dehydration can have huge consequences like a shrinking brain, reduced clarity, and worsened memory. Drink water more often, especially if you’re out in the sun for long periods of time. You can even use lemon or other flavors to make it better and more tasty. 

5. Eat Whole Foods

Try to make it a priority to eat more whole foods. Check out this guide to making healthy eating easier, how to meal prep, and look for easy-to-make meals. Try to reach for vegetables, fruits, and less processed foods instead of boxes or snacks.

Emotional Glow Up

Emotions can feel all over the place with changes in the weather. Check out these emotional glow up tips.

1. Protect Your Energy

Protect your energy in this summer glow up. This means setting boundaries, saying no to things, and prioritizing yourself. It also means spending less time with people that take away your energy and more with people that energize you and hype you up/

    2. Change Up Your Look

    For an easy summer glow up, look to change up your wardrobe a bit! This doesn’t need to break the bank. Instead, add a pop of color, a new sundress, a protective yet stylish hat, or a bunch of tank tops. Let the outfits set the summer mood. Plus, get ready for the day in the morning, even if you’re not going anywhere.

    3. Declutter

    Look to declutter the vibes by throwing away anything that doesn’t make you smile. In the words of Marie Kondo, ask yourself “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t throw it out! This can help reduce emotional turmoil and issues as studies have found that a more cluttered living space can cause a reduction in wellbeing.

    4. Add Color to Nails

    Color to your nails can make you feel happier emotionally. This can be a great way to make you smile throughout the day, especially if you paint them your favorite color!

    5. Use Self Love Affirmations

    Positive affirmations can be an amazing way to improve emotional wellbeing. Affirmations are designed to rewire thoughts and improve mental state. Check out this guide on how to use affirmations, this list of I am affirmations, and this short mantra to boost happiness.

    Mental Glow Up

    Mental health matters. Here are some mental glow up tips sure to change the way you think for the better. 

    1. Meditate Daily

    Meditate daily for a great mental wellbeing boost this summer. Meditation can have physical changes on the brain, improving emotional regulation, calming the mind, and boosting higher thinking. Learn everything you need to know about meditation here.

    2. Journal Thrice a Week

    Journaling is a good summer habit to try out. It can increase mental wellness, reduce negative thoughts, and help you declutter the mind. You can find out all the different ways to journal here. Don’t know how to start? Here are 30 journal prompts you can use whenever you want!

    3. Start a Morning Routine

    A morning routine can be a great way to start the day and set you up for success. Here is a morning routine that doesn’t take four hours to do and actually works.

    4. Do a Nighttime Routine

    A nighttime routine can help you sleep better, feel better in the morning, and improve mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing in one! Here is a complete guide but the basics consist of reducing screen times after 5 pm, doing a calming activity, getting some light reading in, and setting the vibes by dimming the lights.

    5. Sleep More

    Sleep is essential to wellbeing. A lack of sleep can even cause you to gain less muscle and decrease your ability to repair the body. Lack of sleep even reduces immune system health which makes you get sick more often. 

    The Takeaway

    A summer glow up challenge is a great way to get in a daily dose of wellbeing. You can choose whichever tips are easiest to incorporate into your life, but make sure you pick one from each category: physical, emotional, and mental.

    Remember that health comes from within, so eat nutritious meals, move your body at least 5 times a week, and care for your mental health. Daily habits become good building blocks for emotional, mental, and physical health. Don’t forget to take care of your gut microbiome health as well! Learn everything you need to know about gut microbiota today for free here.

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